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I might end up on crutches. Even if I don’t, I have no idea when I’ll be brave enough to try and swim, or do anything else for that matter. I don’t want to make this any worse.

I missed the call from my doctor yesterday. All the information I had was from her message. I asked her to call me back today and she did, which I appreciated a lot. I really like this doctor.

Based on our conversation, I know I will continue to do yoga. But what else I will do or when I will do it is beyond me.

All I can do is sit tight and wait for this thing to heal. And I need to be careful to not make this an all-the-way break (I can’t remember the actual term). I need to stay away from jumping and jarring activities, and nothing where I’m standing on my left foot, etc. I have to be careful of pain.

Crutches aren’t necessarily a requirement, in fact, my doctor said having some movement and walking is actually good to get the healing going. But if I’m continuing to have pain, I should go in to the clinic and get crutches. So now I’m nervously gauging how everything feels every time I stand up.

The biggest problem right now is still getting up out of my car. I am trying to push out of the car with my right foot as opposed to lifting out on my left foot.

It still hurts enough that I think crutches might be a good idea, at least for when I’m going somewhere I’ll walk around a lot like the grocery store. But I can see myself getting the crutches and not using them.

I didn’t think to ask about whether my exercise the first two weeks after the injury made the fracture worse or not. Just gauging how the pain changed those first two weeks makes me think it had some effect, especially considering the risk of worsening to that all-the-way break that I’m afraid of now. I’m really glad I decided to just stop exercising all together.

I’m getting over it OK. I’m still disappointed. I’m not crying or anything but I have a lot of sadness and anger. It seems silly, but that’s how I am right now. It could be awhile before I’m running again at all, and even longer til I run like I did during and after Fox Cities. It just sucks. I was running the best I had so far! So I’m sad and angry.

The pain seems to diminish when I’m off work and not doing much. So I’ll take it easy tomorrow and then relax Sunday and Monday. After that I’ll decide what to do next, whether I get crutches and/or when I can swim. Maybe that will be next week. I hope its next week. One thing I probably will do is more yoga. I’ve enjoyed the classes I’ve done so far so I could invest in other classes. I certainly have the time for it.


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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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