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Its been a month since my last run

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And I miss it greatly. Talking more about the irony, my last run, a 6-miler on the arb loop, was so awesome, aside from the pain of what I thought was an adductor strain. I’m sure that awesome run made this stress fracture worse. It has now also been three weeks since my last exercise, turbo kick class, which I’m sure also made my injury worse.

I didn’t swim today. I slept too late and when Doug went to the gym, the pool was closed for some unknown reason anyway. I’m glad I didn’t waste a trip because I couldn’t have done anything else. I doubt I would try to swim this weekend. I’ve never tried to swim at the Y during the weekend, I don’t know how busy it gets.

I also haven’t quite gotten back to my diet, though I’m trying harder.

My stress fracture is hurting a bit right now, for no good reason. I didn’t do anything all that strenuous today. Doug and I decorated the Christmas tree. Maybe I just stood too long? This is really annoying. I’ve been waiting for the last several days for the pain to just go away, but it seems to remain as a dull ache. Maybe its better that way though. If it didn’t hurt at all, I would probably get ideas of exercise in my head.

I’m considering trying spin class next week, maybe on Thursday. I will just see if I can handle it at all and stop if I need to. I’m worried enough about this that I wouldn’t try to go through the pain. I’m only supposed to exercise 30 minutes at most anyway.

The last two weeks have been busy enough that I haven’t been able to become too lazy. I’m not staying up all night and sleeping all day or anything like that. I have wanted to, but all the activity has kept me from it. Hopefully next week I can get some element of exercise in to make my life seem normal again. I wonder how out of shape I am now?

I’ve been thinking about my physical therapy, wondering what it will be and how often I’ll have to do it. I think I will email my doctor next week and see what she thinks. I need to decide how much to put in my flex spending account for next year, and I’m sure a good chunk of that will be PT. I also wonder when it will start. My appointment is two weeks from Tuesday, the day before we leave for Carbondale. I wonder if I will get in between that trip and Christmas and New Years, or if it will be into January before I start.

Also, will I have to get another MRI to see if I’m healed, or will my doctor just declare it so after the prescribed amount of time? Is my healing going to take longer since I continued to exercise after the injury?

I am starting to wish this stuff would get out of my head. I have been controlled by my injury for the last week. It has improved a bit, but will it go away? Will I be consumed by this until I am recovered? I really hope not.


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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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