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One day down, 13 to go

So I really can hobble around OK on the crutches. What I don’t like is feeling like everyone is watching. I’m sure they were at first, but now I think I’m over that hump. And people are being really nice and offering to get stuff for me.

The first few times I had to leave my desk I felt this sense of dread and anxiety. Luckily that went away.

I am exhausted and starving and ready to go home. Home is where I can ditch the crutches for a few hours. I am very excited to go there after this first day of crutches agony.

Its surely been a calorie-burning fest. I know this because I am starving and I am also exhausted, two things that happen when I rev up my exercise. And my arms will definitely be toned by the time this is over. I’m just hoping the soreness will go away soon. Its gotten harder each time I’ve had to get up. The soreness that was mostly in my shoulders and triceps this afternoon has spread to my biceps and is moving down my chest.

I’ve been a bit cranky overall the last few days. I’m hoping that will go away soon. I don’t like feeling like this, but its hard to snap out of it.

My next doctor’s appointment is Jan. 13. I’m supposed to use the crutches until then. I honestly wonder how long I will make it. I am committed to this because I am determined to be cleared for PT after this appointment. I have 13 more days on these torture sticks. That does include four days I am off and therefore won’t be using them. But nine work days is not any more appealing than 13. I sincerely hope at least my arms will strengthen up and get used to supporting my weight sooner rather than later.

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Well I got myself to work

But I’m not sure how to go about getting around the office. I’m trying not to draw attention to myself. I know that is bound to happen, but I’m trying to minimize it. I might consider just using one around the office? How am I supposed to carry things? I made some coffee to bring to work before I realized I can’t carry it.

I know this will ultimately help me. But it sure sucks. I made the commitment, but the thought of hobbling around on what a friend calls “torture sticks” for two weeks is not appealing at all.

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I am SOOOO sore

I got the crutches. And I think what it did is make me really stay off my feet! Because I didn’t use them very much and I can hardly lift my left arm and I am INCREDIBLY sore. On the plus side, maybe this will be the most significant exercise I’ve gotten in two months?

I hate that clinic. I always get bad news when I’m there. What will happen in two weeks?

My mood is going downhill again.

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Frustration’s setting in

I propped my feet up on the coffee table this afternoon and it made my stress fracture spot hurt. How in the world am I supposed to heal this thing if putting my feet up makes it hurt?

I am now about 95 percent sure I’m going to get some crutches this week. I’m at least going to email my doctor to see what she thinks. I just don’t understand why I can’t make this pain go away.

What are the chances I’m released to PT in two weeks?

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Trying to zap the pain

This weekend I am doing everything I can to stay off my feet. The goal is to avoid crutches. I want to start PT in January instead of waiting another month, and I have to be pain-free in order to do that. If I’m not convinced I’m getting better by Monday I’m going to get the crutches.

I started this yesterday and I’ve been pretty successful so far. The only thing I’ve really done on my feet is shower, and I’m not going to skip that. Doug went grocery shopping for me because that’s the biggest on my feet thing I do. I’m trying to avoid cooking too.

I have just over two weeks until I go back to the doctor. Regardless of whether I decide to get the crutches or not, I don’t know how long I need to stay off my feet to really consider myself pain-free. The times I’ve been pain-free it has lasted a week and a half. So if it lasts a week and a half this time, is it done or not yet? That worries me. How long til it sticks?

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Merry Christmas! And the diet resumes today

Doug and I went overboard on the eating yesterday and on Christmas eve too.

But its Christmas! Regardless of my injury I would have eaten. You can’t avoid it. But I don’t need to wait until New Years to change my new habit. The diet resumes today. We still have sweets in the house, but I do know how to eat in moderation.

We had a great Christmas and I hope everyone who reads this did too. We traveled last week to Doug’s parents and spent a lot of good quality time with them. Since we weren’t traveling this week it really made the holiday nice and relaxing (and despite the bad weather we drove in last Sunday, that was way better than what we would have dealt with this week). It was nice to hang out at home on Christmas Eve. I set up my new coffee maker and we went to my parents’ house.

It was really great being there with everyone. Christmas Eve is about the only time we ALL are together at the same time anymore, though we weren’t all there, because Jarrod didn’t have his kids til Christmas Day. I got to meet my newest niece, Katie, though I forgot to bring my camera. So I’m hoping I get some email copies of pictures.

On Christmas Day, Doug helped make the pumpkin pie that was dessert to our dinner later that evening. Then we opened presents. We both loved everything we got! The highlight of Doug’s presents was the NFL football I finally got him. He’s been asking for it for years. Doug got me lots of great presents, among them a gift card for Fleet Feet Sports. I can’t wait til I can run again so I can spend it. The real highlight was Guitar Hero, which I’ve been begging for almost as long as Doug has been begging for that football. Its definitely been a lot of fun to play. We played it all day! Then we went to a movie and came home and made dinner.

I was forced to confront the consequences of my recent dietary choices this week. My tightest pair of jeans is uncomfortably so now. Truthfully, I had avoided wearing them because I knew what was going on. But I had to do laundry and those jeans were the only one left. It was hard to squeeze them on and after I took them off I was unfortunately more aware of my expanding stomach.

I couldn’t get it off my mind, so I weighed myself on Wednesday morning. I hadn’t gotten on the scale in a month. I weigh 177.2. My normal weight has been between 164 and 169 for several months now. So I’ve gained 8 to 13 pounds. It could definitely be worse, but I am by no means happy about this.

This isn’t permanent, I know that. But I am a bit upset now that I am confronting it. But I know I can fix it. Even in eating more, I’m not super hungry. So I think my body is trying to stay at my lower weight, maybe where it is more comfortable now?

I still managed to lose a couple pounds after I got hurt when I was still trying. Then I had about a week after I was diagnosed where I just ate. After that though it got to my birthday and into the holidays. So I tried to eat well when I could, which I am sure helped.

Perhaps with starting the diet again and when I start exercising more normally I will get off the plateau I had been on before the injury.

So the diet resumes today. We’ll see what happens.

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Revised running goals

The Madison Marathon is out, even the half. I suppose I might still be able to train to the quarter marathon. In fact, I probably will, but I have a few other races now that will be goal races.

I have no idea when I could start running again, even just a little. I definitely plan to keep it small and short to start out with. To that end, my first goal race will be the Crazylegs Classic 8K on April 28. This is a huge and very popular race in Madison and I wanted to run it last year but we were out of town that weekend.

Assuming I can run again by mid to late February, that would be about two months of running before that race. I would think I could train to a 5-mile race by then. Ideally I would train on all running, but run/walking won’t be ruled out either.

I won’t be going for a PR or anything. I just want to run. For right now, revising my goals makes me feel closer to it.

Maybe if things go well I could do a 5K before the Crazylegs, but my goal is Crazylegs.

The quarter marathon is May 24, about a month after Crazylegs. I would like to run that, but I don’t know how much racing might be too much. And I’m OK with that. I’m letting the Madison Marathon go. There’s always next year.

In looking around at different running-related web sites, I came across the web site again for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago Half Marathon on Aug. 2. I had seen it before but never thought about it. But I think an August half would be a good goal. Working from that mid- to late-February running date, that would be five months of training. Thats a month longer than my training time was for San Diego.

I think a race in Chicago would be really cool. I rank the Chicago full as a race I’d like to run some day. Who knows – maybe I could do a half and a full in Chicago!

Whether or not the Chicago half leads into a fall full marathon will remain to be seen. There’s Fox Cities in late September and then several other good ones in mid- to late-October – among them Twin Cities, Chicago and Milwaukee.