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I have my follow up doctor’s appointment in one week. Hopefully after that appointment, I will have a better idea of what comes next and when I could expect to run again.

Today was going to be my first day back to spin class in over a month. But instead it was snowing and sleeting all night, schools were canceled, which canceled the class. But even if the class hadn’t been canceled, I probably wouldn’t have tried to get there.

I’m disappointed because I was pumped about getting back to spinning. Instead I will swim tomorrow and Friday and go to spin on Thursday. Unfortunately I can’t go to spin class at all next week because of my doctor’s appointment on Tuesday and our trip to Carbondale.

I did a lot of baking last weekend and now we have so many sweets in the house, I don’t know what to do with them all. I took some to work, but they’re still there. And even though I had vowed to get back on the diet wagon, its hard to be in my house all day and not eat the sweets.

Getting back to exercising has helped, but I will need to get fully back to my routine in order to reverse what I have done since being injured. Luckily I am doing pretty well to not be frustrated. I knew last week would be a wash anyway with the number of times I went out to eat.

This week I will be able to eat at home and I’ll hopefully keep busy enough that I don’t consume as much sugar as I did yesterday. Today I have improved. I ate more than I should have for lunch and I have eaten cookies but not nearly as many.

My big challenge will be traveling next week. We go out to eat a lot in Carbondale and there is usually much candy to be had.

But after next week the dieting should get a little easier. And starting physical therapy will get me closer to my old routine, or at least trying harder. I really hope I can start therapy before the first of the year.


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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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