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Pain is gone again, but who knows

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Four days later the pain from my injury has dissipated again. I am happy about that but of course I do wonder what this means to my recovery. I will find out soon enough though. My appointment is the day after tomorrow.

I haven’t exercised since Wednesday, but not because of the pain from my injury. Well, that was why I didn’t exercise on Thursday. But Friday I had to skip it because on top of everything else I am sick!

At least its not my normal cold/respiratory thing. Its a sore throat, though I’m starting to consider that worse than a cold. I went to the doctor on Saturday morning, immediate care, and the rapid strep test was negative. Apparently if a sore throat isn’t strep, its a virus. And of course you can’t take medicine for a virus. Well, technically you can, but no doctor will give you some because its not necessary.

So for the past three days I have gone from feeling like there was a knife in my throat to feeling more like there was just a fork in there. However, right now it feels more like a spoon. I don’t know why I’m using silverware analogies, but they seem to work. The knife was the sharpest pain, fork was a little less intense and right its actually feeling just like a lump.

This one is weird though because its the left side of my throat and there’s a bump there. Its made my left ear and the left side of my jaw hurt in addition to the swollen gland (left side only from what I can tell), body aches, headaches and sporadic runny nose I’ve had. Since I don’t have strep, all I’ve been able to do is numb the pain with tylenol, choloseptic and throat lozenges. I’ve had a fever but that seems to have dissipated, so I am thinking this is on its way out. Crossing my fingers…

Unfortunately, even when I do get better, I just won’t have time to work out before we go to Carbondale on Wednesday. There’s just not enough time. I have to finish Christmas shopping, and I’m also having lunch with a friend on Monday, doctor on Tuesday and working the Empty Stocking Club toy depot Tuesday and Wednesday. Thats in addition to working. How did I let my plate get so full?

I know I won’t be back to running right away, but I’m at least hopeful I can start PT. I don’t know if I need to reach a certain point of healing to start PT or if its just a certain amount of time. Tonight is seven weeks since I first got hurt. I’m hopeful I can get a PT session or two in before the new year.


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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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