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I went to the doctor today and since I am not yet pain-free, I cannot start PT. I am beyond bummed. Though to be honest, I expected this.

I have another appointment in four weeks. My doctor has confidence that I will be ready for PT in another month. I should hope so! That will be 11 weeks post-injury.

I am coming to terms with the fact that I probably won’t even be able to run the half marathon in May. The Madison Marathon was supposed to be my first full. And ironically, I made that decision the weekend I first got hurt. But I’m sure it will even be a little while after starting PT that I could start running. I’m sure I wouldn’t start running with the kind of miles needed to train for a half.

I suppose there’s always the quarter marathon.

So this afternoon I had a little dish of ben & Jerry’s ice cream, chocolate milk, and later I had a chocolate bar. I needed to indulge, though I honestly didn’t enjoy it much. I cried when I was driving to work. I suppose I’m grieving in a way. I know I need to let my body heal, but I am very sad, not to mention mad, that I have to delay my goals six months or more. I was doing everything right! I didn’t increase my mileage too much. I wasn’t as aggressive training for Fox Cities as I was for San Diego. I wasn’t even in high mileage for at least the month before I got hurt. So why did this happen? And what will the final outcome be? Is it really worth it to run?

Once Christmas is over I’m going to really look into the pool running workout. So many people rave about it and maybe it would get my heart rate up higher than regular swimming does. They have a class at the Y that is self guided at my location. I might try it at the other Y because that one is instructed. I’d like to have some guidance in getting started with it. Maybe that could keep my half marathon hopes alive even?

I know I will get over this just as I have thus far. Right now I’m more upset that my half marathon goal is even slipping away. Doug and I are leaving tomorrow afternoon to go down to Carbondale for our Christmas celebration with his family. So that will help me keep my mind off this whole mess.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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