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As much as it stinks that I can’t start PT yet, it actually does make some sense.

I asked my doctor last week if the exercise I did after the injury made it worse. She said it probably didn’t, it just delayed my recovery. I continued exercising for two weeks after I got hurt. So really, I’ve been recovering for six weeks instead of the full eight since I got hurt. My doctor said the recovery would be eight to 10 weeks total, so its not like my recovery is taking longer than it should.

But this really isn’t good news for my waist line. I am admitting today that my lack of exercise and the relaxed dieting of the holiday season is expanding my waist line. I had been saying I wasn’t seeing any real change, but probably for a week or so I have. My tightest jeans are uncomfortably so now. I had been trying to avoid wearing them because I knew what it would be like.

But I’m home now and eating more normally. I will eat some of the sweets tomorrow and Thursday, trying to keep it in moderation. I remember right after I got hurt when I lost a few pounds two weeks in a row with little exercise. I know I will get back to where I was. I will probably weigh myself on New Years Day to see what the damage is. Doug and I will do it together.

Traveling last week decreased my pain, though running around yesterday and today has made it come back a bit. This makes me reluctant to even swim. That and the fact that its super cold and snowy this week. Its been two weeks since I swam.

My not swimming is also a bit because of laziness, something else I don’t like to admit. It just stinks to confront this all now because there’s not much I can do about it this week.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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