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One day down, 13 to go

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So I really can hobble around OK on the crutches. What I don’t like is feeling like everyone is watching. I’m sure they were at first, but now I think I’m over that hump. And people are being really nice and offering to get stuff for me.

The first few times I had to leave my desk I felt this sense of dread and anxiety. Luckily that went away.

I am exhausted and starving and ready to go home. Home is where I can ditch the crutches for a few hours. I am very excited to go there after this first day of crutches agony.

Its surely been a calorie-burning fest. I know this because I am starving and I am also exhausted, two things that happen when I rev up my exercise. And my arms will definitely be toned by the time this is over. I’m just hoping the soreness will go away soon. Its gotten harder each time I’ve had to get up. The soreness that was mostly in my shoulders and triceps this afternoon has spread to my biceps and is moving down my chest.

I’ve been a bit cranky overall the last few days. I’m hoping that will go away soon. I don’t like feeling like this, but its hard to snap out of it.

My next doctor’s appointment is Jan. 13. I’m supposed to use the crutches until then. I honestly wonder how long I will make it. I am committed to this because I am determined to be cleared for PT after this appointment. I have 13 more days on these torture sticks. That does include four days I am off and therefore won’t be using them. But nine work days is not any more appealing than 13. I sincerely hope at least my arms will strengthen up and get used to supporting my weight sooner rather than later.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

One thought on “One day down, 13 to go

  1. Hi Girlie–Thanks for the kind words on my blog. Yes, you will heal from this. Yes, you will run again. And you know what? I came back from my injury stronger than before and shattered PRs left and right…heck, since I started running again 9 months ago, I’ve completed 4 marathons! You can do it!

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