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Good riddance January

I am not at all sorry to see January go. As far as new years go, this has definitely been the worst. I sure hope the whole year won’t be like this!

February is sure to be better. Hopefully my stress fracture will be declared healed and hopefully I will have a job before the end of the month, or at least be well on my way?

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My new lifestyle

I have a new diet, sort of. Its nothing new or revolutionary. Its simply eating three meals a day at the normal meal time or close to it… I still sleep in so I eat breakfast and lunch late. But the best part is that I’m not eating a snack at 1 a.m. after work because I am so hungry that I can’t go to sleep; or simply because I want to watch TV and eat something. In not eating that late-night snack, I am cutting at least 40 grams of carbs on average. I usually ate two pieces of wheat toast with peanut butter and a small glass of chocolate milk.

In addition, I’m cooking dinner at least two or three nights a week so far; a more normal dinner for both Doug and I. Instead of sitting at my desk munching on an apple and then yogurt and then eating my dinner, we have an actual meal.

Last week I lost at least three more pounds to clock in at 172.2.

I did work out last week, but only once for 15 minutes. Thats still all I’m allowed. So I did this all with diet. Granted, my appetite was not the greatest for several days, but that new diet structure is helping. It might even be helping this week, except that Doug and I bought a carton of ice cream on Monday night and have had some the last three nights. But its gone so maybe there’s still hope to lose a pound or two this week.

Doug and I joined a new gym on Monday. There’s a Gold’s Gym being built literally right next to our house. They have some rediculously low promo rates that are good for two years, and despite some extra fees, it will still be cheaper than the YMCA will be at full price. Unfortunately Gold’s Gym won’t open until at least June, but more likely July.

I applied for financial assistance at the YMCA. I turned in the application Tuesday night and they told me I’d have an answer within 10 days. Our membership ends Saturday, but I was told I can use our guest passes next week after it ends and until they make a decision. Our household income has been cut in half, so certainly they’d give us some kind of assistance, right? If not I’m not sure what we will do for a gym until this summer. Maybe in a couple weeks I will be able to walk and run again and it will be nice enough to do it outside.

I rode a bike for 15 minutes again Tuesday night and did some upper body weight lifting. I’m hoping to go again today or tomorrow. Hopefully I can continue going to the gym and build up my upper body strength and get that weight lifting foundation. I’ve never been good with keeping up a weight lifting routine.

Also, I’m still not feeling much, if anything in my stress fracture spot. How ironic that losing my job is what finally allows this thing to heal!

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Three-month anniversary

On Oct. 26, Doug and I were in Detroit and went to the Redskins at Lions game. After the game we relaxed a bit and I went for a run on one of the hotel treadmills. We ate dinner and later that night at the hotel bar, I first felt my injury. I ran a few days later because I thought the pain had gone away. I had an incredible run of six miles, but with pain. First I thought it was just a muscle strain, but after an MRI on Nov. 20, I was diagnosed with my stress fracture of the inferior pubis ramus. And now I’m here.

Doug and I went to Milwaukee this weekend and we walked a good amount. My left adductor has been tender, but I haven’t felt anything really from the stress fracture. I am cautiously optimistic that this might mean it is finally healing. The good thing about not going to work is that I’m staying around the house more and thus not walking. I have my next appointment on Feb. 24. I hope there is progress.

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I still can’t run, and now this

I got laid off yesterday (well, Monday). And it wasn’t the kind of layoff where the company told employees they would have to cut the workforce so I could have decided if I did indeed want to go to school or put together my resume. No, it was swift kick in the teeth and out the door. I never saw it coming, at least not until we took that walk. I knew immediately when I saw a note on my computer when I arrived yesterday. I never even sat down at my desk. They took me directly to HR, told me the news. And then I sat there and cried for two hours and then calmed down enough to convince them I could drive myself home.

I know it will be OK. I know I will survive this. But its looking really intimidating right now. I have no idea what to do. Doug and I will be OK for a little while because I am getting a severance package. But that doesn’t change the fact that while I didn’t have confidence in my job security long term, I expected to be conducting a job search when I wanted to and on my terms. Now I need to pick up the pieces and continue our household income.

This makes it suck even more that I still can’t run. Running was my stress relief. But before running, I journaled. I haven’t in a long time, I guess because running replaced that. But thats what I have now.

How quickly life can change. I was going to write here Monday night about how great I felt after finally gathering the courage to go to the gym and ride a bike for 15 minutes. Instead I write about another crappy thing happening to me. I know it will get better. But it will take awhile to really feel confident in that statement.

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If I was running and fundraising right now, I’d be in Phoenix…

Tomorrow the Team in Training group from Madison is running the PF Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in Phoenix. Aren’t they lucky to have a trip to Phoenix after the COLD week we’ve had!

So if I was running and fundraising right now, I would probably be there.

When I got done with the Rock ‘n’ Roll half in San Diego, I said I wouldn’t do fundraising again. I wanted to stay as involved with TNT as I could without fundraising, and I have done that. Fundraising for TNT last year was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. But looking back, its also one of the most fulfilling.

And believe it or not, I kinda miss it. I miss the challenge. Granted, I miss a lot of things right now considering a big chunk of my life is missing as I recover from this stress fracture. Running, and exercise in general, are so important to me and I haven’t been able to do it since I got hurt.

I guess it is the boredom I have with my injury. But I believe every person running tomorrow in Phoenix, and anyone participating with Team in Training at all, are making a difference in someone’s life. And I wouldn’t mind helping to make a difference again.

The Madison group goes to the Green Bay Marathon as an alumni event. I considered fundraising for that briefly. Its a smaller amount of money and not as big an event. It would have been perfect. I ended up choosing Madison, but in the end it doesn’t matter since I’ve been stationary for the last three months.

If I did fundraise again, it would definitely be far off, probably next year. I have no idea when I will be back to my normal running self from this injury. Not to mention it would take a good bit of effort to convince my husband. But I could do Green Bay next year maybe. Or, the Madison group is going to the first Rock ‘n’ Roll event in Seattle this year, which I would love to do. I could see one of those being a goal next year.

For this year, however, I’m on the sidelines. But I’m cheering!

But back to the group thats in Phoenix right now. I helped on one of their long runs when it was so cold, I know I wouldn’t have been running. I suppose thats the big reward to doing TNT during the winter, that trip! Anyway, I wish them all good luck! You have all made a difference, now enjoy your time in the sun!

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I’m somewhat encouraged today

Yesterday I did the grocery shopping and I wasn’t all that sore from it! And really, the soreness was so little that I would almost say there was none. But I need to be truthful because that is what I need to do for my recovery.
Doug went to the gym this morning and I almost decided to go with him, but I need to be strict on my working out and resting. I do feel stronger in my left pelvis/hip area, but if I do too much I know that will go away.

I will probably go to the gym tomorrow and Wednesday or maybe Tuesday. Toward the end of the week I’ll just have to play it by ear because Doug and I are going to Milwaukee next weekend, which I’m sure will involve a bit of walking. If I can put off grocery shopping until after we get back from that trip, maybe I can work out one more time next week. Or maybe I can do the shopping Thursday. We’ll see.

I think my plan of calling tasks like grocery shopping my workout and resting in between is working so far, but its only been a couple days. I will call next weekend a workout too and leave myself plenty of rest after we get back.

Dare I say it, I am encouraged by how I am feeling today. I think I will make it. Two days ago I didn’t think I would make it, so I am making progress.

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A new plan

So as I wasted time this afternoon instead of working out, I made a better plan for my working out efforts.

As annoyed as I am that my stress fracture still hurts, I need to take care of it. But I also don’t want to sit on my butt anymore. However, I know it probably wouldn’t be wise to work out and go grocery shopping in the same day or maybe even consecutive days.

So I really have no other choice than to regard tasks like grocery shopping as my “workout” for the day. I was sore last night and all day today from my errands yesterday, combined with the events of Tuesday. So I just need to consciously find days where I take it easy and carefully plan my errands and trips to the gym.

This is going to come into play most often with grocery shopping. But if there’s something else I have to do that will require me to walk a bit more, that will take the place of the gym. Thats just the way it has to be right now.

Tomorrow I’ll go grocery shopping. Depending on how I feel I might go to the gym with Doug on Saturday, but if not, I will go on Sunday and make Saturday an easy day, and Monday as well. But I think I also have to be flexible and skip a workout if I still feel sore.

I’m so tired of dealing with this. And to be honest, regardless of how I handle grocery shopping, working out or resting, I am a bit paranoid about this thing being healed by Feb. 24. So part of me wants to just sit on my butt for the next month, but the other part of me can’t stand the thought of not moving. I just don’t know what to do.

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I chickened out

My stress fracture spot is sore, probably because I have been walking around a bit more in the last two days than I have in a few weeks. I’m not supposed to work out if I have pain, so I decided it would be best to skip it. I’ll go grocery shopping tomorrow and then take it easy this weekend and hopefully start working out next week.

That and the fact that its -12 degrees with a wind chill of -27. The wind chills could get down to -45 tonight!

I’m disappointed of course. But I know I need to take it easy. I’m so upset that I still have problems with this injury! Its been almost three months! I just want to be done with it.

I do think, however, that I will use my hand weights a bit and do some sit ups today. I don’t like what has gathered around my middle. And really, I could have been doing that at home all along. I need to get myself into some kind of shape.

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"Knock knock. Remember me? I’m your DIET!"

Ummm, yeah. The pounds I’ve said goodbye to, 174 through 177? They came back – and then some. I went a little overboard last weekend. I really didn’t have any reason to, I just did.

Today at the nutritionist’s office, the scale said 180. That is a number I didn’t think I’d see again. Granted, accounting for difference in scales, clothing, time of day, etc., I probably don’t actually weigh 180. But that number still showed up on a scale and I’m not happy about it.

See, last weekend I kind of forgot about my diet. It wasn’t on purpose, really. It was more a combination of factors. One, I was feeling victorious in my weight loss and put ice cream on the shopping list for Doug. That in itself might not have been that bad, but add in lunch at Applebee’s on Saturday and date night on Monday (dinner out complete with two glasses of Pepsi, pop and candy at the movie…), there ya go.

That does happen once in awhile and maybe it’s not always a problem, but considering my lack of physical activity, the food had nowhere to go.

The ice cream by itself wouldn’t have been a problem, nor would date night, lunch at Applebees… yeah. Add to that the fact that I’ve been sitting on my butt for over a month now and I’m not surprised those numbers crept back onto my scale.

The good news is, I’m refocusing my diet efforts and I am slowly working exercise back into my routine. I plan to go to the gym tomorrow, assuming the gym isn’t closed because of the bitter cold, and assuming I don’t get lazy and stay inside my warm house.

I am determined to work out. The only thing that will keep me home is if my stress fracture spot is still sore. It has been a little tender since my doctor’s appointment yesterday and I have been on my feet a bit more today than I’m used to. But I am determined to go.

To make the trip to the gym worth it, I’m going to start doing some upper body weight lifting in addition to my 15-minute bike ride. Its the perfect opportunity to build on that strength I gained from using the crutches. I have never been able to sustain a weight-lifting routine, partly because I didn’t want to take the time to do it. Well now I can take the time because I can’t work out that long. Its perfect. And starting this now will help me continue once I am back to being fully active.

I will probably also do some upper body weight lifting on swim days before I get in the pool. But I don’t plan on getting in the pool until it warms up a bit! Right now its -5 with a -21 wind chill. Tomorrow and Friday will be more of the same. No way am I going to swim and then go home with wet hair, no matter how well I can cover it up.

But back to the diet. I’m refocusing my efforts on keeping track of the carbs and I’m going to work on refining some food choices to get low carb foods that are also low in fat. I’m also going to continue trying to eat more vegetables, but thats so hard. Why can’t the stuff in vegetables be in fruits? I eat apples every day without even thinking about it. I am proud to report I did eat my veggies today.

I know that if I just focus on what I eat, that along with adding the physical activity, short as it is, will get rid of pounds 177 through 174 and beyond, and keep them from coming back!

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As expected, I’m not cleared for PT. But at least I won’t quite be in limbo for the next five weeks. I can pool run, swim or bike for 15 to 20 minutes at a time every other day as long as I don’t have pain during or after the workout. At least its something.

I had my cry and I’ll probably have some ice cream after work tonight, but I’m getting over it. I did expect it after all. I am a lot better than I was a month ago, but the fact that I have random pain and pressure in the spot means I’m not yet pain-free.

My question now is… is it really worth it to get ready and drive to the gym in the bitter cold for a measly 15-minute workout? I don’t suppose it is, but I’m so tired of sitting on my butt, I most certainly will make the trip.