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2008: Part 3

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After that I kept running but I didn’t have a goal race in mind. Fall and colder temps were coming. There weren’t any local half marathons, obviously because of the approaching cold, and we couldn’t afford to travel to a race. I decided to try to run a few of the fall races and then maintain my mileage on the treadmill until spring.

I was also changing my training to phase out my walk breaks. The effort was successful… all the way til I went down with the infamous stress fracture.

I ran two more races before I went down. The first was the Literacy Run 5K that was on October 12, a very hot and muggy day. It was hotter for this race than any of the summer races! I had focused on running this entire race to beat my PR. I ran an entire 5K a few days before and almost broke 30 minutes. Unfortunately the course was long, and because of the heat, I didn’t break 30 minutes like I hoped. I wasn’t going to stop running to get water, but I had to. I did PR though by 10 seconds. This race is another of my favorites because of the awesome long sleeve shirt and the refreshments they had, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cones! Awesome!

October 18 was the first Gilda’s Run 5-mile race. Gilda’s Run was for the new Gilda’s Club in Middleton, a support group for cancer patients and their families. Even though the two races in October we less than a week apart (a Sunday and the following Saturday), I wanted to do both. I like running races for charity and I wanted to support both causes.

The 5-mile race was a good one. I ran most of it. My average mile time was a crazy 9:51! It was yet another unbelievable accomplishment for me to sustain a sub-10 minute pace. Wow.

It was after Gilda’s Run when I decided I needed to quit selling myself short and instead be confident in my progress. When Doug and I went to Detroit for the Redskins game the last weekend in October, I bought a book to read on the way. That one changed my outlook on my goals, “A Race Like No Other: 26.2 Miles Through the Streets of New York.” It was a chronicle of the 2007 New York Marathon. In reading that book I decided I too could aim for a full marathon in 2009. And I have also made the New York Marathon a goal race some time in my life.

Unfortunately that was also the weekend I got hurt. But my goals found that weekend still stand. I will train for a full marathon and I will run the New York Marathon. I don’t know when I will run that full, but I will. Who knows, maybe my New York Marathon will end up being that first full!

I had planned to run two races in November, the Turkey Trot 5K and the Berbee Derby 10K. But while Doug and I were in Detroit, I had a couple runs on the treadmill and a couple hours later I felt that now-infamous groin pain. And the rest, as they say it, is history. And it doesn’t need repeating tonight.

I enjoyed writing this all down tonight. If you’re still with me, thanks for reading. And happy 2009.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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