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Last night I took a fall

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The freezing rain that fell last night took me with it. This is what I’ve been terrified of this winter with my stress fracture, taking a spill on the ice. So it happened. I was leaving work and I knew it was icy. I was going to walk out to the car sans crutches, in order to prevent this. But before I could get off the crutches, they flew out from under me, and I was flat on my back.

I hit my head and my left elbow on the sidewalk, and I think I may have twisted my right wrist. I was a bit dizzy driving home and I had trouble making my eyes focus, but I think I’m OK as far as head injuries go. Luckily today my elbow hurts more than my head. My neck does hurt a little bit, but no whiplash or anything that I can tell.

With how slick it was last night, I have no doubt I would have taken that fall with or without crutches. I actually think the crutches broke my fall a bit, as far as my stress fracture is concerned. The stress fracture doesn’t hurt any more after the fall then it did before.

I’m relieved to have two days off work, both because I am a bit sore and also because I can take a break from the crutches. I have five more work days with the cruthes and then I will hopefully be cleared for PT and get rid of the crutches when I see my doctor a week from Tuesday!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

One thought on “Last night I took a fall

  1. Hi Jessica,Sorry to hear about your fall – I hope you feel better soon! This ice is terrible – at least some it seemed to melt from my front steps today.Were you at a Madison TNT team run as alumni support? If so, I may have met you there.Anyway, I’m going to try and follow your blog – good luck on recovering and continuing your training!!

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