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Ummm, yeah. The pounds I’ve said goodbye to, 174 through 177? They came back – and then some. I went a little overboard last weekend. I really didn’t have any reason to, I just did.

Today at the nutritionist’s office, the scale said 180. That is a number I didn’t think I’d see again. Granted, accounting for difference in scales, clothing, time of day, etc., I probably don’t actually weigh 180. But that number still showed up on a scale and I’m not happy about it.

See, last weekend I kind of forgot about my diet. It wasn’t on purpose, really. It was more a combination of factors. One, I was feeling victorious in my weight loss and put ice cream on the shopping list for Doug. That in itself might not have been that bad, but add in lunch at Applebee’s on Saturday and date night on Monday (dinner out complete with two glasses of Pepsi, pop and candy at the movie…), there ya go.

That does happen once in awhile and maybe it’s not always a problem, but considering my lack of physical activity, the food had nowhere to go.

The ice cream by itself wouldn’t have been a problem, nor would date night, lunch at Applebees… yeah. Add to that the fact that I’ve been sitting on my butt for over a month now and I’m not surprised those numbers crept back onto my scale.

The good news is, I’m refocusing my diet efforts and I am slowly working exercise back into my routine. I plan to go to the gym tomorrow, assuming the gym isn’t closed because of the bitter cold, and assuming I don’t get lazy and stay inside my warm house.

I am determined to work out. The only thing that will keep me home is if my stress fracture spot is still sore. It has been a little tender since my doctor’s appointment yesterday and I have been on my feet a bit more today than I’m used to. But I am determined to go.

To make the trip to the gym worth it, I’m going to start doing some upper body weight lifting in addition to my 15-minute bike ride. Its the perfect opportunity to build on that strength I gained from using the crutches. I have never been able to sustain a weight-lifting routine, partly because I didn’t want to take the time to do it. Well now I can take the time because I can’t work out that long. Its perfect. And starting this now will help me continue once I am back to being fully active.

I will probably also do some upper body weight lifting on swim days before I get in the pool. But I don’t plan on getting in the pool until it warms up a bit! Right now its -5 with a -21 wind chill. Tomorrow and Friday will be more of the same. No way am I going to swim and then go home with wet hair, no matter how well I can cover it up.

But back to the diet. I’m refocusing my efforts on keeping track of the carbs and I’m going to work on refining some food choices to get low carb foods that are also low in fat. I’m also going to continue trying to eat more vegetables, but thats so hard. Why can’t the stuff in vegetables be in fruits? I eat apples every day without even thinking about it. I am proud to report I did eat my veggies today.

I know that if I just focus on what I eat, that along with adding the physical activity, short as it is, will get rid of pounds 177 through 174 and beyond, and keep them from coming back!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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