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I missed my blog’s anniversary last week! I have been running and blogging for a year now. I started this blog last year when I started with Team in Training.

I just went back and read my first blog entry. In some ways I have met my goal and in others I’m not even close yet. But that’s OK. These goals are ongoing and I’m not giving them up.

Perhaps I missed my blog anniversary because last week was also my three-month anniversary of my injury. That’s an anniversary I wish had never happened. Despite my injury and not running for three months though, I am still a runner. I have thought about giving up, but I most certainly will not give that up. It is still my goal to run and to eventually run a full marathon, even if it takes a few years or more.

I did meet my goal though of raising $3,825 for blood cancers. I will continue to be involved, maybe even fundraising again at some point though I originally said I wouldn’t! TNT is a great organization and I feel privileged to be a part of it.

On the weight loss part of my goal… I suppose I met it in part. I still have weight to lose, but I did continue to lose weight with my running and even when the weight loss stopped, I was able to maintain.

The challenge goal is still ongoing, obviously. I don’t think running will ever stop being a challenge. Maybe thats one reason why I like it.

Specific goals for this year, all written down in one place:

1.) Rehab from this injury!! And focus on doing it the right way so I don’t get hurt again. I would still like to transition to all running, instead of having the walk breaks, so I need to find a good way to do that without getting hurt.

2.) I have three goal races: Crazylegs Classic 8K April 25, the Madison Quarter Marathon May 24 and Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago Half Marathon Aug. 2. I will add others if I feel I am ready.

3.) Lose the last few pounds gained while injured and continue losing the weight. My goal weight is between 145 and 155, so I have about 17 to 27 pounds to go. That’s not a lot considering how much I’ve already lost. But the last few pounds have proven very elusive!

4.) Learn how to meet these goals within my new lifestyle. Its beneficial in my diet, but I know once I start working again, getting that exercise in will be a challenge.

It seems like I write goals down a lot, and every time they are different. But that’s OK.

And in other news, the YMCA was running a one free week offer, so with that free week along with guest passes, Doug and I should be able to continue going to the Y at least two weeks, if not three. I applied for financial assistance last week and expect an answer this week or early next week. My fingers are crossed that we will get some assistance.

So I went yesterday on the free week and did another bike workout and upper body weights. I think twice a week is enough to work out for now. I’ve been a bit fatigued since yesterday, but I was pretty active yesterday too. Anyway, I will keep it to twice a week for a couple more weeks, but I am considering lengthening my workout a bit next week. Also, I think I am making progree with the weight training too.


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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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