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I don’t understand how, with our household income sliced in half, Doug and I still make too much money? The YMCA denied my application for financial assistance for this reason. So we don’t have a gym membership anymore, until Gold’s Gym opens.

I suppose it could be because I reported my severance pay on the application. So technically our income isn’t cut yet. But we had a hard time affording the membership even with the discount. Thats not their problem though.

Doug and I are considering going back to the Y at full price, except our membership lapsed while we were waiting for the decision. So we’ll have to pay the $50 joiner fee again. I’m hoping I can plead my case of why the membership lapsed and maybe get the fee waived. Otherwise I’m going to look into short-term membership options at other places. Its so expensive though.

But we need a gym membership. I will hopefully be cleared for normal exercise soon, not to mention the stress relief a gym provides. Despite the nice weather the last few days, its definitely not exercise outside weather just yet. That will be at least another month away.

In other news, I did get to enjoy the nice weather today, though not with running. I dropped off a job application at UW and I had to park about a half mile away. So I got a bit of a workout and enjoyed the sunshine. I can’t wait until I can walk and run all the time!

I do still need to take it easy the next few days. I have felt a bit of pressure in my stress fracture spot. I wish it would just go away! I have been more active the last few days with walking around a lot. Hopefully the rest of this week I can make that pressure go away. I don’t know what I will do if I am STILL not cleared for PT at the end of the month.


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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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