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Tomorrow I’m going to the gym and I’m going to use the elliptical! I am released from stress fracture hell!

Sort of. Of course I can’t just start running 20 mpw again. I can use the elliptical every other day, and if I don’t have pain during or after my workouts, in a week or so I can get on the treadmill.

I have strict instructions to follow a 5-10-5 pattern of a walking warmup, jogging, and walking cooldown. I can do this every other day. I’m not supposed to go fast. And if I don’t have pain during or after, I can increase my jogging time by a minute or two each time. Of course if I do have pain, I’ll have to back up to shorter time or the elliptical. But once I get my jogging time to 30 minutes, I can increase up to an hour and I’m pretty sure at that time I can start upping my speed too.

Also I will continue cross training. Weights will most definitely stay in my routine.

I was concerned about the soreness I have, afraid that would make me wait another month. But my doctor said its normal to have some soreness as things are healing and muscles are being used again, along with the fact that I’m out of shape. I wonder when I could start spinning again.

So while yesterday was a bad day, today was a good one. I heard from one of my references today that he got an email about me the other day. It was through an agency though since all that stuff is outsourced these days, so he couldn’t tell who the reference was from. It is encouraging though. Based on when certain things are done and where my apps might be in process, I have my theories about which job this is for.

Since I can start working out more now, I will have more to do during the day. I’m also going to start volunteering or just going out. As the weather gets nicer I can go to the zoo or just for a walk downtown, enjoy my time off a little more.

Of course now I have race plans on my mind. Since my emphasis right now is on time, I don’t know when or if I’d switch to miles. I think I’ll have to do this for a couple weeks before I can determine if I can run the Crazylegs 8K or if I do the 2-mile walk instead. And of course I have my more long term plans like the half marathon in August. But there are others. I need to keep my focus on right now and not worry about the races. My focus is on good workouts on the elliptical and then building up my jogging.

Oh yeah, my first PT appointment is in three weeks. The focus of PT is looking into my biomechanics to figure out how I got injured in the first place, along with strengthening and stabilizing my core and my back. And I have another follow up appointment in six weeks, but my doctor said I can cancel it if I’m not having any problems!!


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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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