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Soreness gone

So the muscle soreness I wrote about yesterday has dissipated. I’m not concerned about it anymore. But I still might wait another day or two to run. No reason to take my chances now that I have no specific goal to train for. But that brings up the good point that I need something to train for, or else my running and working out might go away. And I really don’t want that.

I had a PT session today and it was pretty helpful. I got some of my questions answered and now I understand how the exercises are relevant to my injury. So that should up my motivation to actually do the exercises. My therapist said that when I run I don’t bend my hips/knees as much as I should so the motion is more jarring on my body. He said that may or may not be part of the reason I got hurt. Form isn’t really correctable, but he said doing the exercises to strengthen my hips and core, along with some different warm ups, should help lessen the impact my form has on my body.

I have some new exercises to do that are harder than the first set. At my next appointment in two weeks we’ll decide if further work is needed, but that seems unlikely. He said that since I’ve gotten my running back up to my goal level to just keep doing the exercises to strengthen those areas and that should be all I need.

One thing I’ve been wondering is when I’m considered healed from this injury. My therapist said when I can run without the soreness afterward. I might show healing on an xray, but since I still have soreness, that healing isn’t quite complete. I guess whether I’m “healed” isn’t the important thing. Its that I’m running again!

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Not doing much

So I had my usual soreness after the Crazylegs, with the addition of two sore hips. I’ve never had hip issues before, so I’m blaming pregnancy. But even once the hip soreness went away, a soreness stayed behind in my groin area, in the same area as my stress fracture. But its not the stress fracture, I can tell. This feels different. And its not in the same spot. I actually think its some kind of muscle strain in the glute area, so I guess thats not the groin, is it?

But I’m paranoid, so I haven’t run yet since the race. But the good news is I went for a walk today around my neighborhood and it seems like maybe the muscle soreness has worked itself out. I don’t feel it anymore.

I have a physical therapy appointment tomorrow, so I’ll seek further advice there. But for right now I will just take a few more days off running. Too bad our gym membership is expiring so I can’t do much cross training.

On the subject of physical therapy, since my initial appointment in March, I have only done my exercises twice. I was concerned about soreness and pain and truthfully, more focused on Crazylegs. I have finally done my exercises twice and they aren’t bad at all. Though I admit I’m not sure how this is supposed to help rehab my injury. I’ll need to ask more questions tomorrow than I asked the last time.

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The bean looks more like a baby now

We had the first trimester screening last Friday, which consists of a finger prick blood test (it hurt A LOT!) and an ultrasound. The screening is for genetic disorders like Down’s Syndrome. It will be a week or so until we get the blood test results, but the ultrasound portion of the test looks good!

The fun part of all this was we got to see the baby again, and it looks more like a baby now! He or she is about 3 inches long and was flopping around like crazy! It was so cool to see. I think now I am really ready to say that this finally is real to me!

In these pictures the head is to the right and you can see the arm peeking out from the head, and the leg kicking out from the torso.

I haven’t written in here very much lately. I guess there just hasn’t been much to report. I am happy to report now that in the last week my nausea and other slight morning sickness symptoms have completely disappeared. And just in time. I have gained about 14 pounds so far in the first trimester and the “good” weight gain for the first trimester is about 5.

My problem has been that eating in the morning has been tough as well as eating balanced enough throughout the day. The ideal is to eat six small meals, while I’ve continued with three meals and snacks through the day. Too many snacks as well as too much dessert. I’m working harder to control both now. I’m eating better breakfasts and not snacking as much. In fact, I’m generally not as hungry during the day right now. Doug and I still get dessert occasionally, but not as much as we have been.

My emphasis for right now is to curb the weight gain. I am not supposed to lose weight, thats not my goal. The ideal weight gain for me is 15 to 25 pounds total. I know I will gain over 25 pounds, but I’m trying to not go too much over that amount. We will see how successful I am!

I had to buy some new clothes because of my weight gain. I have been pretty upset with how I am gaining so much. I got some better fitting clothes though and I look better, which in turn makes me feel better. I’m hoping I don’t need anything else until I start to show, which I’m sure will be any day now.

I ran the Crazylegs Classic 8K on Saturday, which was my goal since I was cleared to exercise in February. It was a great race despite rain the entire time. It was totally worth it. I’m undecided about running more races this year. I was considering increasing my running to four days a week but I think I will keep it to three. I am really starting to feel like I should just take it easy.

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Well, I did it. Pouring rain and all, I ran the Crazylegs Classic 8K this morning. My first race back from injury, and my first race pregnant!

The weather was miserable. Doug and I got up at 7 and it wasn’t raining yet, but it was threatening. I checked and found some hope because the hour-by-hour forecast said 10 percent chance of rain instead of 70… but then a few minutes later it said 30 to 50. That really meant nothing though, because by the time we left, the rain was starting. And it didn’t really stop.

Because of the rain we decided to take both cars and to park one car at the finish and the other at the start. Usually we would park at the finish and take a shuttle to the start. But we didn’t know if we’d have a race to run. We parked downtown around 8:30 and walked around the square to see where we would be going. I did the run and Doug did the walk. Then we walked down State Street and had muffins and juice at a coffee shop to kill some time. The rain poured and then let up, poured and let up. We left the coffee shop around 9:30 and needed to decide whether we’d wear our coats or put them in the car. Doug ended up wearing his coat and taking mine, which ended up serving as an umbrella of sorts for him.

The walk started right after 10, and right after the walkers were started there was another downpour. I had a wait until my start. Its a wave start with so many people and I was in the second to last wave. I was a little disappointed with my wave, but it was expected with my how slow I am. I admit I was happy to find out my wave wasn’t the very last one! But my later start wasn’t all bad. I ran from awning to awning on the square to stay dry as long as I could to stay warm. The downpour stopped by the time I reached the start. I had decided I’d just go get the car and drive back to meet Doug at the stadium if it downpoured before I got too far into the race. But by the time I hit mile 1, it was raining but not too hard, and I was locked in. I was going to run this race.

The start line was fun. As we got toward the starting line we slapped hands with some UW football players who were there, then a little farther basketball players. At the start line the UW marching band was playing and the cheerleaders cheering. It was a really fun environment. It would have been even more awesome if it hadn’t been raining! But it was still a great event overall. I got a little emotional at the starting line. I was just so excited to be there.

I’m still at the point in my running where I don’t pace myself well. I’m just getting used to running outside again. So the first interval was tough. I had to stop early on that first running interval because I had decided it would be better to walk up the hills. But overall I was running ahead of my usual pace. I expected it for a race, and my first race besides.

I reached the first mile marker around 11 and a half minutes. The next few intervals were a lot easier. It was after mile 1 that I noticed despite the rain, I was pretty comfortable. The running clothes with the moisture wicking really work. The rain water was dripping off the brim of my hat. My pants and legs got kind of heavy. My legs were a little cold from waiting for the start. That went away between mile 1 and 2. Also between 1 and 2 I noticed how soggy my feet were becoming.

The farther I got, the more comfortable I became in my running. I sped up a little. In my running I was averaging about 14:20 per mile before. Today I averaged 12:50 per mile for the first 3 miles or so. Starting after about 3.5 I had to take a couple extra walk breaks. I slowed down even more after mile 4. But I wasn’t upset about it. I was amazed at my run so far and just glad to be on the course. I decided to walk when I needed to and run when I could.

Close to 4.5, there was a house playing the Rocky theme, announcing that for the last 24 years they’ve played Rocky for the last runners and to “show me your Rocky arms!” I wish I could say that pumped me up to run the last half mile or so… I ran a bit but had to stop again. Its OK.

There was so much support on the course considering the weather. I wonder what its like when the weather is good!

Running down University Avenue, soon after the Rocky house we made the turn and I saw the stadium. It got a little confusing running toward the stadium though because the crowd of runners got thinner and there were people everywhere. I wasn’t sure how far we were going before turning to go into the stadium. Luckily I kept a few runners in my sight and found my way onto the field at Camp Randall.

I finally got to the point where I wasn’t going to stop running until the finish! I passed Doug outside the stadium and kept running faster. I almost started crying as I approached the field. I probably would have, except I couldn’t breathe! Just like that, I was on the field running across the timing mat and getting my water, getting in line for the finish line photo. That will be a funny picture I’m sure for all the participants since we were all soaked.

So with the race over we headed toward Doug’s car, on our way back downtown to get to my car. We made the contingency plan for if the race didn’t happen or if we chose not to run… but we didn’t think of bringing towels or dry clothes or shoes… oops!

So I just drove home with the heat on. Once I got closer to home I took off my shoes and socks and drove the rest of the way barefoot. I had to! My feet and hands stayed moist practically until I got home and put on my dry clothes. The warm shower I took was so wonderful. And it was so nice to be dry and warm. I had lunch and kept eating. The later I took my post-race nap. I always get really hungry and tired after a race or a long run when I’m starting out… I’m still a bit hungry now and we just had dinner! I don’t mind though. I accomplished a lot today!

When all was said and done, my GPS watch had a time of 65 minutes and 25 seconds. I started it before I crossed the timing mat at the start, and I stopped it a bit after the finish. So I think my official time will be between 64 and 65 minutes. Its a far cry from the 49:15 I posted in a 5-mile race back in October before I got hurt. But I’m satisfied. I will get my speed back eventually. It won’t be until after the baby, but I know I will keep running and I will be even better than I was.

The final time isn’t posted on the web site yet, but I’m looking for it! I had predicted 70 minutes for the race, based on 14-minute miles. I was amazed that even when I got tired and had to walk more, I still beat my predicted time. I’m amazed by what I accomplished today.

After the race my feet have been sore and I’ve been pretty stiff. For some reason both my hip joints are sore. I have noticed one hip or the other getting sore after runs lately. I’m betting its a pregnancy thing and I don’t know if I need to be concerned about it or not. For right now I’m just enjoying a lazy Saturday night. I don’t know when I’ll run again, but I will!

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Out of control

Thats how my body is lately, out of control. I have to adjust my expectations for exercise, which I expected. I just didn’t expect it this soon. I’m trying to eat better after the crazy eating I did last week. I gained weight and my stomach expanded some more, and I doubt it will go back. Sometimes I just eat way too much just because, but other times I have to eat that much. Its quite frustrating. My moods are becoming quite varied as well. Only seven more months of this! I wonder what pleasures I get to experience next?

The Brewers game Sunday night was fun, but not a good result. The most annoying thing is that Cubs fans are just so obnoxious. But it was fun and we’re looking forward to the next game, though it is unfortunately another Cubs game.

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Tough workout

Today’s workout was not good. My legs were just heavy. I was running OK on the treadmill but I had to stop after 18 minutes because I got a side cramp. I wasn’t happy about it but I knew I had to stop. So I walked for 2 minutes and did a couple intervals with 5 minutes running. I got a total of 31 minutes running.

Everyone has a bad workout once in awhile. I’m not too worried about it. But I’m thinking about my goals, at least for the next couple weeks. I’m starting to have some round ligament pain. I’ll probably run on intervals until Crazylegs. I don’t know what I’ll do afterward. I was prepared to need to stop running, but I was hoping I’d go a little longer. But maybe in a few weeks when the first trimester is over I’ll be able to run better, for a little while at least?

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Baby’s first trip to Miller Park!

The first of many. Doug and I have a Brewers 9-pack this year, which includes a free 10th game. I’m not sure why they don’t just call it a 10-pack. Maybe it sounds like more of a deal as 9-pack with a free 10th game.

Anyway, tonight is our first game! I am very excited that we can go to more games this year, and its courtesy of my layoff, sort of, since I don’t work nights anymore.

Doug and I went to a new church today for Easter Sunday, and our first impression is that we really like it. Then we had our traditional Easter Sunday brunch at the Great Dane, our favorite, although we couldn’t get in at the one we usually go to. Good thing they have three locations!

Doug and I are so excited to introduce our child to the fun things we like to do. And we can’t wait for the new traditions we’ll discover. We can’t wait until he or she opens presents at Christmas, the birthday party, dying Easter eggs or playing in the little league game… and having a great day at Miller Park. Our baby is included in that tradition starting today!