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I finally made it to the gym today and I had a great workout! After my 5-minute warmup I jogged for 20 minutes! I felt like I passed a big milestone today.

I must confess that I cheated a little. My last jog was 16 minutes, so today should have been 18. But I felt good and I still feel good. I didn’t even get that queasy after I was done. I’m really becoming much more comfortable on the treadmill again and starting to ponder when I can do such things as using an incline, increasing my speed or even getting outside. I think those might still be a little ways off. I can tell my endurance is still developing. I was definitely feeling fatigue in the last few minutes of my workout. But I need to work through it, thats the only way I’m going to get it back.

My followup doctors appointment is Tuesday. My doctor said I can cancel it if I’m not having any problems. I’m not having any problems per se, but I still wonder if it might be a good idea to keep the appointment just to check in. I have a few things I want to talk about, but it might be just as easy, not to mention save me the $20 copay, to just email her. I really want to get her opinion on running in pregnancy and also when I could do things like the incline or increase my speed.

I have had a little soreness in my stress fracture spot after previous workouts. But I can tell its soreness and not pain. It doesn’t hurt when I walk. I just feel the soreness randomly when I’m just sitting. Its like a muscle ache, which I’ve had lately too. These muscles haven’t been used very consistently in the last five months!

One thing I’ve noticed a lot is my core is very engaged. By this I mean I feel like I’ve had quite an ab workout by the time I’m done. In fact, I often feel the need to stretch those muscles even when I haven’t worked out. I don’t know if thats an effect again of not engaging the muscles much in five months or it could be pregnancy too. This is such uncharted territory!

In other news, I had my sinus infection two and a half weeks ago, which triggered my asthma. I don’t remember if I wrote about it here. My doctor told me to double my dose of my steroid inhaler and gave me a paper prescription for prednizone. She said prednizone is safe for pregnancy but we still wanted to try and avoid the oral steroid. I took my antibiotic and used my steroid inhaler and I felt better, so I shredded the presnizone prescription. Unfortunately I never got all the way better.

I was having a lot of shortness of breath, though not as bad as it was with the sinus infection. I thought it was a pregnancy thing. Apparently shortness of breath can be caused by the onslaught of hormones. I was really miserable and uncomfortable though so I called the doctors office. At my OB office, they said I should talk to my primary. I ended up going to the doctor Tuesday afternoon and he said that since I didn’t take the prednizone, I just never got all the way better. I’m on the prednizone now and within an hour of the first pill I felt better than I had in a week!

Needless to say I am much much better now. It kept me away from the gym this week though. Hopefully today was the first in a string of consistently working out, finally! I am sure my workouts will be much better now that my asthma is finally resolved. I am very relieved that its not a pregnancy thing and my asthma isn’t getting worse during pregnancy, at least not yet. Apparently about 50% of pregnant women stay the same, while 25% get better and 25% get worse. I was so afraid I was one of the ones who get worse!


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