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The bean looks more like a baby now

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We had the first trimester screening last Friday, which consists of a finger prick blood test (it hurt A LOT!) and an ultrasound. The screening is for genetic disorders like Down’s Syndrome. It will be a week or so until we get the blood test results, but the ultrasound portion of the test looks good!

The fun part of all this was we got to see the baby again, and it looks more like a baby now! He or she is about 3 inches long and was flopping around like crazy! It was so cool to see. I think now I am really ready to say that this finally is real to me!

In these pictures the head is to the right and you can see the arm peeking out from the head, and the leg kicking out from the torso.

I haven’t written in here very much lately. I guess there just hasn’t been much to report. I am happy to report now that in the last week my nausea and other slight morning sickness symptoms have completely disappeared. And just in time. I have gained about 14 pounds so far in the first trimester and the “good” weight gain for the first trimester is about 5.

My problem has been that eating in the morning has been tough as well as eating balanced enough throughout the day. The ideal is to eat six small meals, while I’ve continued with three meals and snacks through the day. Too many snacks as well as too much dessert. I’m working harder to control both now. I’m eating better breakfasts and not snacking as much. In fact, I’m generally not as hungry during the day right now. Doug and I still get dessert occasionally, but not as much as we have been.

My emphasis for right now is to curb the weight gain. I am not supposed to lose weight, thats not my goal. The ideal weight gain for me is 15 to 25 pounds total. I know I will gain over 25 pounds, but I’m trying to not go too much over that amount. We will see how successful I am!

I had to buy some new clothes because of my weight gain. I have been pretty upset with how I am gaining so much. I got some better fitting clothes though and I look better, which in turn makes me feel better. I’m hoping I don’t need anything else until I start to show, which I’m sure will be any day now.

I ran the Crazylegs Classic 8K on Saturday, which was my goal since I was cleared to exercise in February. It was a great race despite rain the entire time. It was totally worth it. I’m undecided about running more races this year. I was considering increasing my running to four days a week but I think I will keep it to three. I am really starting to feel like I should just take it easy.


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