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So the muscle soreness I wrote about yesterday has dissipated. I’m not concerned about it anymore. But I still might wait another day or two to run. No reason to take my chances now that I have no specific goal to train for. But that brings up the good point that I need something to train for, or else my running and working out might go away. And I really don’t want that.

I had a PT session today and it was pretty helpful. I got some of my questions answered and now I understand how the exercises are relevant to my injury. So that should up my motivation to actually do the exercises. My therapist said that when I run I don’t bend my hips/knees as much as I should so the motion is more jarring on my body. He said that may or may not be part of the reason I got hurt. Form isn’t really correctable, but he said doing the exercises to strengthen my hips and core, along with some different warm ups, should help lessen the impact my form has on my body.

I have some new exercises to do that are harder than the first set. At my next appointment in two weeks we’ll decide if further work is needed, but that seems unlikely. He said that since I’ve gotten my running back up to my goal level to just keep doing the exercises to strengthen those areas and that should be all I need.

One thing I’ve been wondering is when I’m considered healed from this injury. My therapist said when I can run without the soreness afterward. I might show healing on an xray, but since I still have soreness, that healing isn’t quite complete. I guess whether I’m “healed” isn’t the important thing. Its that I’m running again!


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