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Blog changes coming

This is ironic since I have a future post in mind about how I don’t like changes. But I think its necessary…

I’m thinking about making changes to my blog set up. I’ve been maintaining a running blog since last January when I started with Team in Training. Thats part of the reason I started this blog because its a good way to share. But I’m not really into updating two blogs. So I may move this one over to that one or that one over here or just create a new blog all together. Not really sure what I want to do at this point. Whenever I decide what I’m going to do, I will post it here!

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Running hiatis

As much as I hate to admit this, I need to stop running again. I tried on Tuesday and my knee hurt bad. I don’t know if its worse or I’m just being more careful after getting my diagnosis last week. So I’ll lay off the running for this week and do my physical therapy exercises and see if its better next week.

I’m thinking about making changes to my blog set up. I just started a second blog about my pregnancy and I’m not really into updating two blogs. So I may move this one over to that one or that one over here or just create a new blog all together. Not really sure what I want to do at this point. But I would like to change my focus a bit anyway since the running isn’t going as I’d like. Whenever I decide what I’m going to do, I will post it here!

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The water stop is hard work!

I have an even greater appreciation for race volunteers after being one today. I worked the mile 23 water station during the Madison Marathon today. The event wasn’t without its difficult moments. The station ahead of ours wasn’t ready when runners started coming, apparently they didn’t have cups! So we got behind, but I think most who wanted water got it. The half marathoners came through first and then we had a long break before the full marathoners started coming, so we were ready for them.

There’s a kind of art to getting the water to the runner, especially the really fast ones. The first cup I handed out ended up all over me. I figured it out though. I poured a lot of water too. That was tough on my wrist!

I did have a few moments of wishing I was running the race instead of handing out water. But I didn’t have a ton of time to dwell on it.

And I like my volunteer T-shirt better than the regular race shirt.

It was definitely a fulfilling, though exhausting experience. I worked for five hours, all of them on my feet. They still hurt. I really enjoyed doing this today. Everyone who runs should volunteer for a race. I hope to do a few more this summer, though I also hope to run in a few!

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Injuries… still

Figures that in rehabbing my stress fracture, I’d hurt my knee. I have the “runner’s knee,” technical name patellofemoral syndrome. Its pain under or around the knee cap where it connects to the femur. I think I hurt it while trying to do one-legged squats, an exercise I had to strengthen my hip.

I find it funny that its known as runner’s knee, when I can still run. Or rather, I could run if my stress fracture wasn’t sore. It got sore yesterday, just out of the blue. Not from exercising. The soreness appeared as I was getting dressed after my shower. Yesterday was going to be a running day, but I put it off because of that pain and also because it was too hot to run. I thought I’d run today, but it turns out the pain in the stress fracture is still there.

So I went swimming instead. My physical therapist gave me a new exercise to do for my knee and said I could still run as long my knee wasn’t in lasting excruciating pain. I asked about swimming and he said that was fine, but only the front crawl. Well, I’m terrible at the front crawl. I do breast stroke. That was off limits though because of the kick. It felt fine in the pool, but not so much once I got out. My knee has been in varying amounts of pain for the past few weeks now and its up there again today.

It seems a bit like a slap in the face that I’m so beat up going into this weekend. My left leg in between the sore stress fracture and sore knee is sore too. Sunday is the Madison Marathon. This is the race that I had decided back in October would be my first full marathon. Anyone who reads this blog will also remember I decided this the same weekend I first got hurt with the stress fracture. So the full was out, maybe I could have done the half. But I stayed hurt, since the pelvic stress fractures take forever to heal. After all, mine still isn’t quite healed.

But then I got cleared to exercise and thought maybe I could run the quarter marathon. That’s when I found out I was pregnant! The quarter wasn’t out right away, but the more I have run since March, the more it just isn’t realistic for me to run anything more than a 5K right now. And since I’m so beat up and not running as well as I’d like, I don’t even think I could run a 5K either. There’s one in two weeks I’d like to sign up for, but right now I don’t know if I will. I just want to run and it seems there is so much still in my way. I’m thrilled to be pregnant, of course. I just wish I wasn’t still dealing with injury and I wish I could exercise the way I used to. Of course, I’ve been saying all along and this still applies, I’m happy to be running at all. I’d like to think that if I had been running before I got pregnant I could be running the half marathon this weekend. But it doesn’t matter. I wasn’t running then and I’m not running the race. I’m beat up right now anyway.

So instead of running any of the races this weekend, I’m volunteering. I’m helping at a water stop with my running store. We’re staffing the stop at mile 23. I was a course marshal for the Shamrock Shuffle in March and I enjoyed that, despite getting yelled at by angry motorists as I stopped them for the runners. I think handling a water stop at a marathon is going to be crazy and also interesting and fun. I’m a little sad right now that I’m not running, but I think I will be excited to get started when I get there on Sunday. I’m helping to take care of a very important part of the race for all the runners!

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16 weeks down

Only 24 weeks to go! Its still so far away. There’s actually a lot going on in pregnancy-land right now though.

The biggest news is I think I’m feeling the baby move! The last two nights when I was sitting still watching the Brewers games I felt these small muscle twitches in my belly area. I actually think I felt one or two of them earlier in the week too.

I have a tiny bump below my waist, but I’m choosing not to post a picture of it because you can’t see it below my big stomach. I’ve been a bit surprised that I’m not showing more. I guess I always thought that part started sooner. However, I am feeling like more growth is coming soon. I have some general aches in the belly area and round ligament pain. And the fact that I am feeling movement probably means I’m about to bust out too. I’m sure maternity clothes are in my near future.

Unfortunately I’m still gaining more weight than I should. I’m trying not to worry about it, but its hard to do. I knew I’d have issues with the weight gain well before I got pregnant.

I didn’t hear back from the doctor’s office about either of the blood tests I had last week, so I am pretty sure I’m in the clear. Meaning I don’t have anemia and the result of the AFP test was normal.

Doug and I have had baby stuff on the brain lately. I’ve been looking at bedroom sets at Babies R Us. I’d love to start shopping for baby but there’s so much to get and its not cheap. Not to mention we don’t have anywhere to put it yet. Its a shame too because there’s a bedroom set at Babies R Us thats on clearance that both Doug and I love.

Instead of doing anything with baby’s room just yet, I’ve been slowly spring cleaning. Doug and I cleaned the basement a couple weeks ago and this week I reorganized some cabinets in the kitchen to make things fit better and I cleaned the refrigerator. My list of spring cleaning tasks also includes a thorough cleaning of the upstairs bathroom, especially the shower, finally installing the rest of the hardware in the kitchen, and cleaning the two downstairs closets and the one in the baby’s room. Maybe by the time I get those done, we’ll have some money (not to mention a gender) to start getting stuff ready for the baby’s room.

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Weird and annoying things about pregnancy

The #1 weird thing this week: My hormones are making my nose runny! I guess they expand the mucus membranes in my nose or something? Weird.

Round ligament pain cramps my style. The worst is if I sneeze when I’m sleeping flat. Ouch! Luckily I’ve figured it out so I bend when I feel a sneeze coming on. Luckily the round ligament pain doesn’t bother me while running like it did at first.

I never know how my appetite will be from day to day. Same goes for my energy level.

At some point between now and the third trimester I’ll have to start sleeping on my side because the growing uterus puts pressure on some arteries or something. I’m not completely sure of the reason. I just know it will be tough because while I usually fall asleep on my side, I move around a lot and end up on my back. How do I make sure I stay on my side while sleeping?

I guess I’ll add to this list as pregnancy progresses. I’m sure there will be many more things to add!

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I love that sound

Our baby’s heart beat is strong; its in the high 150s. I love that sound. Last time I heard it I immediately forgot what it sounded like. But now its with me. Since the nausea went away and I’m not feeling the movements yet or even grown very much, hearing the heart beat reassures me that he or she is still in there!

In addition to the heartbeat today, I had blood drawn to test for AFP and hemoglobin. I don’t remember what AFP stands for, but its a screening for spina bifida and some other defects. The hemoglobin test is to make sure I haven’t become anemic.

At my next prenatal appointment, or maybe the one after that, they’ll start measuring. This is so cool!

Something thats not so cool: the round ligament pain I feel after sneezing while laying down! Ouch! I used to get charlie horses in my sleep and while the round ligament pain doesn’t last, it hurts more than a charlie horse.