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Only 24 weeks to go! Its still so far away. There’s actually a lot going on in pregnancy-land right now though.

The biggest news is I think I’m feeling the baby move! The last two nights when I was sitting still watching the Brewers games I felt these small muscle twitches in my belly area. I actually think I felt one or two of them earlier in the week too.

I have a tiny bump below my waist, but I’m choosing not to post a picture of it because you can’t see it below my big stomach. I’ve been a bit surprised that I’m not showing more. I guess I always thought that part started sooner. However, I am feeling like more growth is coming soon. I have some general aches in the belly area and round ligament pain. And the fact that I am feeling movement probably means I’m about to bust out too. I’m sure maternity clothes are in my near future.

Unfortunately I’m still gaining more weight than I should. I’m trying not to worry about it, but its hard to do. I knew I’d have issues with the weight gain well before I got pregnant.

I didn’t hear back from the doctor’s office about either of the blood tests I had last week, so I am pretty sure I’m in the clear. Meaning I don’t have anemia and the result of the AFP test was normal.

Doug and I have had baby stuff on the brain lately. I’ve been looking at bedroom sets at Babies R Us. I’d love to start shopping for baby but there’s so much to get and its not cheap. Not to mention we don’t have anywhere to put it yet. Its a shame too because there’s a bedroom set at Babies R Us thats on clearance that both Doug and I love.

Instead of doing anything with baby’s room just yet, I’ve been slowly spring cleaning. Doug and I cleaned the basement a couple weeks ago and this week I reorganized some cabinets in the kitchen to make things fit better and I cleaned the refrigerator. My list of spring cleaning tasks also includes a thorough cleaning of the upstairs bathroom, especially the shower, finally installing the rest of the hardware in the kitchen, and cleaning the two downstairs closets and the one in the baby’s room. Maybe by the time I get those done, we’ll have some money (not to mention a gender) to start getting stuff ready for the baby’s room.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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