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I knew from the beginning, I think. And everyone else thought so too. I already have baby girl clothes! So I was convinced its a boy, but we saw the girl parts clearly on the ultrasound. And the technician wouldn’t have said anything if she was sure. Of course its not 100 percent, but I’ll take it.

Our baby has an identity now! And Doug and I didn’t need to have that fist fight over a boy name. Our daughter will be named Allison Renee.

She’s developing as she should, and there are no defects they could see on the ultrasound. Her measurements averaged to 20 weeks 6 days, but that wasn’t enough to change the due date. I guess at this point its not accurate enough to change the due date. But I remember thinking during the 12 week ultrasound that she was a little bigger than the book said she was at that point. She’s grown a lot since then.

Aren’t these pictures cool? She still looks a bit like an alien, but its so cool to see her face! The next post has a few more pictures. Enjoy!

She’s kicking a lot now, and the kicks are getting harder. The other day I almost jumped in class because she really surprised me.

I’m officially halfway through the pregnancy. It seems like it was just the other day I woke up and realized it was time to take the pregnancy test. It’s gone so fast, but so slow at the same time. And there are still four and a half months to go. I’ve done a lot of cleaning and organizing in the house over the last few weeks and now I’m looking forward to cleaning up and preparing Ally’s room. This is so exciting!


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One thought on “Its a…

  1. Wow!!!!! Those pictures are so cool. And I love the name. Allison Renee is so classic and pretty.

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