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Embracing my pregnant belly, or at least I’m trying


I’ve avoided taking pictures of my belly. I have insisted that I’m not showing yet and that any belly is because I have a big stomach. But as you can see from this picture, that’s just not the case anymore. I’m finally admitting that I look pregnant. Ally is still down low, the top of my uterus is just above my belly button, but she’s pushing everything else in my abdomen up and out. So yes, I look pregnant. Even at my heaviest time in college, I didn’t have this much of a belly.

But that doesn’t mean I like it. Sometimes I look at myself and think I’m so big already, how big am I going to be by the end? I haven’t weighed myself in two weeks, but two weeks ago I was already up 25 pounds.

Really, looking at this picture again, I don’t look all that bad.

I am already loving maternity clothes, thats for sure. They’re so comfy! But the ones that are too big are tough because since there’s no waist band, which is what makes them so comfy, there’s no belt loops! I have a pair of capris that are too big. And I didn’t realize until I started wearing them that a) they are too big and b) there’s no way to hold them up without belt loops. So they fall down. But the next smaller size would have been too small. Oh well.

One other observation about maternity clothes is that skirts actually are really comfortable. And so cute! I can’t wait to buy a dress or two. My biggest fear was that I would just look really fat instead of looking pregnant. But with the wonders of the maternity panel, my fear is unfounded.

But thats enough about my appearance. Ally learned a new trick last weekend. She started kicking my bladder. Luckily she hasn’t done it a lot, but I usually have to find a bathroom pretty quickly when she does. I’ve heard that the most uncomfortable time is when baby starts pressing on the ribs. So much to look forward to!

Summer came with a vengeance this week after having such a cool spring. The temperature has reached 90 the last three days. Right now at at 9:45, its still 81 degrees! We didn’t have a 90-degree day in southern Wisconsin last year until after Labor Day. Its not supposed to “cool” here until Sunday when the high is forecast at 83.

But I’m starting to understand why its uncomfortable to be pregnant in the summer, even here in Wisconsin. I feel good overall, but the walk from the parking garage to my CNA class is pretty tough when its that hot! I park two blocks away because its cheaper and I don’t mind the walk, but if its this hot next week, I might spend the extra dollar to park in the garage right next door to campus.

I also really need to make sure I stay hydrated well when its this hot. I often get a headache after I work out because I drink while I’m exercising, but not afterward. I’m really trying hard to fix that, and thats been so important this week. But on the downside of hydrating really well, I’m going to the bathroom every hour! I guess there’s a trade-off for everything.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

2 thoughts on “Embracing my pregnant belly, or at least I’m trying

  1. Jessica – I think that you look super cute as a pregnant lady!! You look very healthy and I am sure that Ally thinks you're the most beautiful mommy around already!

  2. I think you look good with your cute maternity clothes and your baby bump. I can't imagine dealing with the weather and being pregnant. We really want to have you and Doug over sometime soon, but Daniel is working evenings and weekends teaching a class right now so it's hard to pin him down. I'm glad your class is going well. Hope Ally doesn't kick you in the bladder on the walk over from the parking garage, haha.

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