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We have a crib

Pictures of the beginnings of Allie’s room. Enjoy!

This will eventually be Allie’s dresser. We haven’t tackled this project yet.

The pieces of the crib.

Pieces of the dresser. All pieces were accounted for and are in good condition.

The theme for Allie’s room is stars and moon. The bedding set is called “Goodnight Star.”

We put the crib together last night. It wasn’t terribly difficult (the dresser will be more complicated), but it was time-consuming.

And the finished crib!!

Tonight, Doug and I are going to a free baby budgeting class at the hospital. I’m really hoping we can get some good information on a realistic baby budget because right now we just don’t know what to expect. We do know we will save money because we won’t need daycare right away and Allie will be breastfed. So what else do we need to budget for? Hopefully the class will tell us.

This weekend we’re planning on getting some more accessories to go with the bedding and some other things like maybe a crib mattress. We’re also going to get some paint samples mixed to put on the wall before we make the final decision on the room color. We have settled on two lavender shades.

As far as other tasks, I’m making it my mission to clean Allie’s closet when I’m done with nursing assistant clinical and class, which will be next week. I have tomorrow off, so maybe I’ll start this challenge tomorrow. But I may have to wait for a time Doug can help because its a lot of storage items we’ll have to just move into the basement.

I’m feeling good this week. I feel it if I over-exert myself. One thing I’m really working on in clinicals is good body mechanics, i.e., taking care of my back. I didn’t do a good job of that today and my back is sore. But getting to the gym most days will hopefully keep me nice and limber.

There’s not that much else to report today, other than today marks 26 weeks! Time is really starting to go quickly. The start of August will mark three months to go. I can’t wait to meet you Allie!


Furniture and bedding!

We got Allie’s furniture! Not only the furniture, we also got her bedding, and we got it all for a great price!

It was an exhausting day. Doug and I went to six stores and were out about four hours. Didn’t find much at first and then we found a nice set at Burlington Coat Factory. We wanted to check out Babies ‘R Us and were disappointed with what they had there. A couple months ago when I was there the first time, there was a furniture set I loved that was on clearance, it was a four-post crib with stars on it, stars for knobs on the dresser. It was there today but it cost more! Maybe it wasn’t the same one. So we were going to go back to Burlington Coat Factory, but we glanced at the bedding first and found the set I had seen online, and it was on clearance! It had been on display so it was $40 off. Great! Cheaper and we don’t need to pay for shipping.

We were across town at this point so we checked out the other Burlington Coat Factory and found a dresser and crib set that we liked even better and it was cheaper too! We got the dresser for 25 percent off too. We weren’t able to take the crib home though because it wouldn’t fit in my car. So the store is holding it and Justin is coming up tomorrow to help us with it. We got the dresser into the car, but weren’t able to unload it because its too heavy for me, otherwise I’d be putting it together right now.

So next on the list is cleaning Allie’s room, getting the furniture in the house and putting it together and painting. I also want to get a new light fixture, maybe a ceiling fan, and curtains and other accessories. We picked up some paint samples today, not sure when we’ll get to painting though. And we’re not sure how to do it! We’ll also probably switch couches. There’s a couch in Allie’s room right now but it won’t match the color scheme. But the one downstairs will. We still have to clean Allie’s closet too. There’s still lots to do, but its so great to finally get started.

So it was an exhausting, but very satisfying day. But yikes was it exhausting. My feet and ankles are sore. We’re relaxing now. Allie’s moving around. We’re happy. Its been a good week.

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Annoying hormones… maybe I’m being punished

I’m so glad to have my new gym and get into a consistent fitness routine again, but I think I may have hit another set back. I think the hormone that relaxes the joints, relaxin, has hit the area of my stress fracture. I feel the soreness in the area and I’m just so disappointed. I walked on the treadmill today and I could feel it, not pain per se, but I knew it was there.

I’m not sure how or if I should change my workouts. I think spinning is still OK because its not weight-bearing. Swimming should be fine too. I’d like to do a little more though. I wanted to try some of the aerobics classes, but I guess those have to wait. Its getting to be such a struggle! I still want to try yoga and body flow, though I know I’ll have to be careful with stretches in those classes because of that stupid relaxin.

Maybe I’m being punished for telling people as recently as last week that I was feeling great. I suppose overall I still am, but I have definitely entered the uncomfortable part of pregnancy.

Besides the stress fracture, I can feel my body getting more stiff and losing flexibility. My back stiffens up after workouts now and I’m not too sure how to prevent that. I also have a hard time stretching. I’m hoping I can work through that. I’m determined to keep working out!

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25 weeks! Things are finally happening

Well, today is 25 weeks and 1 day, but close enough. I’m so excited that we are finally able to start working on some stuff to really prepare for Allie’s arrival.

Two nights ago Doug and I registered for childbirth class. We chose the six-week class, starting Sept. 2 and going until Oct. 7. We’re also taking an extra class about pumping and storing breast milk and a free class called “Ask the Pediatrician.” We also signed up for another free class a few weeks ago about baby budgeting.

Tomorrow Doug and I finally get to start on Allie’s room. We’re going furniture shopping and we’ll probably pick up some paint samples as well. We might even start our registry, though we may wait on that too. It could make for a pretty full day and I’m finding I get tired a bit more easily these days. We got the spare bed moved out of the room a week ago, so now Doug and I also need to clean that room, including the closet. That could be a big job.

I’m also thinking about my baby shower. I had wanted to have it up here in Madison, but the room in one place we liked that was cheap enough wasn’t available. I could cut the guest list and have it in a smaller room thats available there, or it will just be at Jeni’s church (its free, as in available, but also it doesn’t cost anything) in Rockton. Other places we looked at in Madison cost too much. There were a couple others I wanted to check out, but I’m starting to think maybe the free place is the way to go. There are going to be people who don’t come, no matter where it is.

Time seems so slow right now, but I think it will pick up soon. There’s a lot to do, the closer we get to welcoming our little girl!


What a relief!

This week a huge weight is off my shoulders, and Doug’s too. I don’t write about our really personal things on this blog, but I did want to mention this just because life has improved immensely with this one little transaction. Well, actually a bunch of smaller ones, but the details don’t matter.

Long story short, we were in a bit of a pickle with my unemployment benefits. There was a problem with my eligibility about three months ago. The ultimate decision was that I am allowed benefits, but it took over two and a half months to get that processed, and I got no money at all during that time. But that all changed this week. I got direct deposited all the back pay I should have gotten during that time. Now I will get a weekly payment again. And just in the nick of time too.

So now I have an income again, albeit a much smaller one than when I was working, but we are in a better spot. Doug and I are really excited because, among other things, we can get started on Allie’s room!

Some people reading this blog have been aware of the situation and offered invalueable support. Just being able to talk to people during this rough time has made such a difference. You know who you are, and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

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Getting closer to my new career

Tomorrow I get to start putting my newfound nursing assistant skills to work. I’m done with the classroom portion, and now I’m starting my clinical part of the class to get hands on experience. I’m going to a downtown longterm care facility for two and a half weeks. After that, I’ll have my final exam and then I can take the state certification test.

This is me in my “uniform.” Its just scrubs, but don’t I look official?

I took this picture on the first day of my lab. Of course, my belly is bigger now, but its essentially the same.

I start tomorrow with just some orientation and tour of the facility. The real work starts Tuesday. I’ve been nervous about this since the first day of the class, but I think I’m ready. I’m not sure what to expect, but I know I can do it.

It could take awhile to get in to take the state certification test, and I likely will wait until after Allie is born to start applying for jobs. The nursing assistant job is a physical one and by the time I have the certification I’ll be too far along to really do the job. Its better to wait. So while I’m excited about getting closer to my new career, its still a little far off. It will be worth the wait though.

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I’d rather be sleeping

A whole slew of forces work against me at night and keep me from sleeping! I get up to use the bathroom at least once a night, sometimes more than that. And then when I do that, my brain wakes up! And if I’m really lucky, my stomach and Allie do too! I don’t stand a chance.

So I roll around for about a half hour before I give in and get up. Sometimes I can grab a nutrition bar and go right back to bed. Other times I get on the computer for half an hour and tire myself out. Once I stayed up for a couple hours, but it wasn’t all bad because I got a lot of studying done that night.

I suppose another silver lining of not working is that I can at least sleep late in the morning to make up for the lost sleep in the night.

In other news, I wonder if I’m having my first cravings. Like I said I usually grab a nutrition bar or something equally quick when I get up. But tonight I made a beeline for the raisin bran crunch.

Its been about 45 minutes. I think I’ll try going back to bed.