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25 weeks! Things are finally happening

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Well, today is 25 weeks and 1 day, but close enough. I’m so excited that we are finally able to start working on some stuff to really prepare for Allie’s arrival.

Two nights ago Doug and I registered for childbirth class. We chose the six-week class, starting Sept. 2 and going until Oct. 7. We’re also taking an extra class about pumping and storing breast milk and a free class called “Ask the Pediatrician.” We also signed up for another free class a few weeks ago about baby budgeting.

Tomorrow Doug and I finally get to start on Allie’s room. We’re going furniture shopping and we’ll probably pick up some paint samples as well. We might even start our registry, though we may wait on that too. It could make for a pretty full day and I’m finding I get tired a bit more easily these days. We got the spare bed moved out of the room a week ago, so now Doug and I also need to clean that room, including the closet. That could be a big job.

I’m also thinking about my baby shower. I had wanted to have it up here in Madison, but the room in one place we liked that was cheap enough wasn’t available. I could cut the guest list and have it in a smaller room thats available there, or it will just be at Jeni’s church (its free, as in available, but also it doesn’t cost anything) in Rockton. Other places we looked at in Madison cost too much. There were a couple others I wanted to check out, but I’m starting to think maybe the free place is the way to go. There are going to be people who don’t come, no matter where it is.

Time seems so slow right now, but I think it will pick up soon. There’s a lot to do, the closer we get to welcoming our little girl!


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One thought on “25 weeks! Things are finally happening

  1. You could have it in the Eagle Heights Community Center, haha. It smells like a mixture of spicy food (from the potluck dinners) and little kid pee (from the preschool), but we could play um… basketball. I actually know someone who knows someone who got married there. Have fun decorating her room. So exciting!

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