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Furniture and bedding!


We got Allie’s furniture! Not only the furniture, we also got her bedding, and we got it all for a great price!

It was an exhausting day. Doug and I went to six stores and were out about four hours. Didn’t find much at first and then we found a nice set at Burlington Coat Factory. We wanted to check out Babies ‘R Us and were disappointed with what they had there. A couple months ago when I was there the first time, there was a furniture set I loved that was on clearance, it was a four-post crib with stars on it, stars for knobs on the dresser. It was there today but it cost more! Maybe it wasn’t the same one. So we were going to go back to Burlington Coat Factory, but we glanced at the bedding first and found the set I had seen online, and it was on clearance! It had been on display so it was $40 off. Great! Cheaper and we don’t need to pay for shipping.

We were across town at this point so we checked out the other Burlington Coat Factory and found a dresser and crib set that we liked even better and it was cheaper too! We got the dresser for 25 percent off too. We weren’t able to take the crib home though because it wouldn’t fit in my car. So the store is holding it and Justin is coming up tomorrow to help us with it. We got the dresser into the car, but weren’t able to unload it because its too heavy for me, otherwise I’d be putting it together right now.

So next on the list is cleaning Allie’s room, getting the furniture in the house and putting it together and painting. I also want to get a new light fixture, maybe a ceiling fan, and curtains and other accessories. We picked up some paint samples today, not sure when we’ll get to painting though. And we’re not sure how to do it! We’ll also probably switch couches. There’s a couch in Allie’s room right now but it won’t match the color scheme. But the one downstairs will. We still have to clean Allie’s closet too. There’s still lots to do, but its so great to finally get started.

So it was an exhausting, but very satisfying day. But yikes was it exhausting. My feet and ankles are sore. We’re relaxing now. Allie’s moving around. We’re happy. Its been a good week.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

2 thoughts on “Furniture and bedding!

  1. Jessica and Doug, It is exciting that you got the furniture. Time is going by so fast, that little one will be here before you know. Hope you both have a great weekend.Love,Mom

  2. Thanks Mom! A very good weekend. We are really getting excited!

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