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I’m huge!

Allie has grown a lot these last few weeks and so have I! Here I am at today 23 weeks, 3 days:

For reference, I’ll repost my picture from three weeks ago, at 20 weeks, 3 days:

I feel like I’m growing by the minute today. This is crazy! I’ve got 17 weeks to go. I wonder how big I will get before this is all over?

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Diva Dash

One of my favorite races that I ran last year was the Diva Dash 5K. Its a race to benefit Girls on the Run of Dane County. I’ve never been involved in it, but I think its a great cause. They coach girls to run and be active. Maybe Allie will be part of that program some day.

The race is all about girls and people dress up and have lots of fun. There’s a program through Fleet Feet, the main sponsor, called No Boundaries. This is a group of older people they’ve coached to run their first 5K.

So I think this is an all over great race, but I couldn’t run it this year. At the beginning of the summer, I thought maybe I could run it. But I stopped trying to run about two weeks ago. My round ligament pain is very prevalent, and that along with the pressure on my bladder just makes it too uncomfortable. So its not fun and I’m sure I’d be at higher risk for yet another injury.

Anyway, I volunteered at the race today. I wanted to still be involved. I worked the water station and had a great time. They also have a little kids race before the big race and that was a lot of fun! I like volunteering at races, but I’m also starting to miss running them. I’ll be back next summer though, back and better than ever.

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Save the date

I guess I don’t need to be mysterious about the baby shower. Chances are, if you’re reading this blog, you’re probably on the guest list. Its set for Oct. 3. So save the date! The place my sisters and I really like for it is the Fitchburg Community Center. Its a great place and the cheapest of places we looked at. We had to get to an appointment on Thursday afternoon, so we didn’t get a chance to talk to anyone there to find out about availability. So my sister Jeni is going to call. Cross your fingers!

My sisters and my mom are hosting the shower, and my sister-in-law is helping with the food (I think, that could be incorrect). Julie is an awesome chef. I can’t wait to see what they come up with! I know there will be food, cake, presents and games, but I know nothing beyond that.

Jeni has been telling both me and her best friend for the last few years that one of us had to get pregnant so she could throw a baby shower. I hope she’s not getting more than she bargained for with mine. The guest list is rather large and we’re having it here in Madison instead of in Rockton at my parents’ house, which obviously would be easier for them. Their house isn’t big enough anyway, and I’m sure I’ll prefer to not travel that far by the last month of my pregnancy anyway.

It seems so close, yet so far away. I’m starting to believe what everyone is telling me, that Allie will be here before we know it. I just hope we’ll be ready.

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I’m done worrying about it

I guess it doesn’t matter what I do, I still gain 5 pounds a month! Eat right or not at all, it doesn’t seem to matter! So I’m done worrying about it. I’m not supposed to dread my trips to the OB. I’m assured that the weight will come off after Allie is born, so I’m done obsessing about my weight. All that matters is having a healthy baby.

In other news, my sisters and I found a place we want to have my baby shower at. I just hope its available. We didn’t have time to talk to anyone about it yesterday when they were here, so we’ll call and check.

And tonight Doug and I are going to a Brewers game. The Brewers games are a nice break for both of us and I’m looking forward to it.

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Hungry hungry hippo

Remember the game where the object is to have your hippo eat the most? I got one when I was little and I think it was broken pretty quickly. I feel like I am one of those hippos lately. Allie is on a growth spurt. I have read that right now is a period of much fetal weight gain. So I wonder how much of that weight gain I will reap.

I wake up at night and need to eat. Then I eat breakfast when I get up. Sometimes I need a snack before lunch. Then I eat lunch and I go to class. I get so hungry in class! Doug and I eat dinner so early most days now just because I am starving. I’m supposedly only supposed to eat an extra 300 calories per day. I’m honestly not sure if I’m sticking to that or not. I don’t eat junk food, for the most part anyway. Its just crazy how hungry I am ALL the time!

Tomorrow I have an OB appointment, where I will be weighed. It seems every month I don’t gain any weight for two weeks, then I gain a little the third week, and I gain a lot the fourth week right before I go for the weigh-in. It seems I always eat the worst in that fourth week. Doug and I eat a lot of dessert, or I drink a lot of sugary juices. I didn’t do that this week though, so we shall see where the weigh-in ends up.

I try not to be concerned about the weight gain. But its hard. I knew it would be hard. I put off getting pregnant as long as I could because of my continuing body issues. I know I’m supposed to gain weight right now, but that doesn’t mean I like it. I’m up almost 27 pounds as of last week. There are all these guidelines for how much weight is OK to gain in pregnancy. Since I’m overweight, I was only supposed to gain 15. Ha! I gained 14 in the first trimester! But seriously, how are you supposed to control it? I know I also shouldn’t be starving myself!

I’m hoping to keep my weight gain to 40. Thats a lot, but I think its realistic, even though I’m already at 27. I am staying active and eating when I need to. There’s not much else I can do. I know the weight will come off after Allie’s born. I just need to do my best to keep it in check now and deal with my negative emotions that come with it. Having a healthy baby is my number 1 priority.

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Celebrating our independence

Happy Independence Day everyone!

I won’t lie, this year has mostly stunk. If it weren’t for the birth of our daughter in just four months, I’m not sure there would be anything good about it.

But I am so thankful that I live in this great country, here in beautiful Madison, WI. We aren’t threatened by war or disease or poverty. The unemployment system is not user-friendly, but at least we have one. We have it good here.

Last night Doug and I took a picnic to Elver Park for the fireworks display. We got some chips, pasta salad and pop, and then bought some subs for dinner. We enjoyed some nice outdoor time playing cards and waiting for the fireworks. And the show was amazing. We’ve lived in Madison for three years and never seen fireworks here because I was always working. Its too bad we missed them all these years because they were awesome.

Today we’re headed to the Monona Community Festival. They have this competition called the wife carry that I think will be really fun to watch. Husbands carry their wives in a race and the winner gets his wife’s weight in beer and $5 per pound. Should be entertaining. There’s live music and then we’ll watch more fireworks. I will admit, it is nice to be able to celebrate instead of work. Of course I’d still like to be working!

But this weekend is about fun and not sadness. We’ll go to the festival tonight and then tomorrow I get to see my best friend when I go to her baby shower!

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Stupid round ligaments

Despite my repeated attempts to get back to running, I think those days are over. Or it might just be temporary again. I have no idea. I’m having some terrible round ligament pain. I tried running on the treadmill yesterday and couldn’t even make it a minute, it hurt so bad. I switched to the elliptical and the pain continued, but it was more bearable. I get the pain when spinning too but it goes away about 20 minutes into the class. I have even been having slight round ligament pain while swimming and sleeping.

Whose idea was it to put ligaments in front of the uterus anyway?

I think baby and I may be on a growth spurt. My belly is getting bigger and its definitely a lot more round than it was two weeks ago. I’m hoping maybe the growth spurt will slow down and then the round ligament pain will too. But until it does, I’m relegated to the elliptical.

But I’m not too happy about it. Don’t get me wrong. I was an elliptical person until I started running. But now I prefer the running! My fitness level is probably returning to about where it was before I got hurt last fall, in frequency at least. But the running is replaced by swimming and the elliptical, and eventually water aerobics. I find water aerobics pretty boring, but it give me a workout and eventually that might be my most comfortable way of working out.

At least I can still spin. And that’s what I plan on doing tomorrow.