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I miss running

I wasn’t too upset when I had to stop running, but now I’m starting to miss it. When my friends write in blogs or on our forum about their runs, I can’t help being a little jealous.

So I was especially sad as I watched the start of the inaugural Madison Mini-Marathon half marathon this morning. I volunteered with Team in Training to hand out medals. It was interesting to see the different reactions. There were runners who looked like they were about to collapse or cry, the ones who were pumped up by a great run and a few who were surprised they got a medal! It was fun to hand out the hardware, but I’d rather be wearing that medal!

I’ve enjoyed volunteering at a few races this year, the races I really like that I would have run. And this morning was the first one that had me really wishing I could be out on the course.

But I have my plans and goals and thats what I’m concentrating on right now. After Allie is here I will certainly be a busy bee! I will get my CNA job and I’ll lose the weight and I’ll get to running again. My tentative plans are to start running a bit as soon as I can after Allie is born and then to be training again sometime in January. I want to do a spring half marathon and a fall full marathon, with maybe another half thrown in there before the full. There are plenty of races to choose from so the only variable will be me and my recovery!

As my pregnancy is advancing, I think I may have to tone down my activity a bit. I had a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions yesterday and this morning. Those are the practice contractions. They don’t hurt and I’m not sure they have any real purpose. They’re common after 20 weeks, but they aren’t supposed to be as frequent as they have been for me. I’ve talked to the doctor and since they aren’t regular and not quite as frequent, I didn’t need to go to the hospital or anything. But they started after a really tough spin class yesterday and I’d rather not deal with that uncertainty again.

Even though I feel like I’m constantly water logged, I need to drink more to deal with the braxton hicks! I need to take it easier and drink more water.

I really want Allie to be here soon, but its obviously better for her to stay in there another 10 weeks or so, so I need to be careful!

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She’s growing like a weed

Allie’s latest pictures, from yesterday’s growth ultrasound.

30-week ultrasound 007

30-week ultrasound 010

Allie is getting big. I certainly feel that. According to the ultrasound, she weighs 3 pounds, 14 ounces, putting her in the 73rd percentile.

Unfortunately I don’t really know how to interpret that information and I don’t see my doctor for another week and a half. I do know that by this time, 30 weeks, she is “supposed” to be around 3 pounds, so she is bigger than average. At least she is according to the ultrasound. The growth scans are estimates and I’ve read they can be off by as much as a pound. So she could be exactly where she’s supposed to be or she could be even bigger!

No matter how big she is, it was so fun to see her yesterday. She looks more human now, at least as human as the 4D ultrasound picture will allow. She was super active and it was tough get a good picture. I’m feeling really close to her these days and I just want her to get here!


Even better than I imagined!

When I thought of artwork on Allie’s walls, I envisioned some stars stenciled around the top or the middle of the wall. This is WAY better than that.

082109 019

082109 021

082109 022

My sister-in-law Julie is so artistic and creative, and Doug and I feel privileged to have her helping with Allie’s room! She’s painted the ceiling and walls, put up the ceiling fan and is also making curtains! The best part? Its not even done yet. We are SO excited to see the finished product.

I’m not sure what we would have done without her. Doug and I certainly don’t know the first thing about painting a wall, let alone all this art stuff. The extent of mommy’s artistic talent is the stripes and polka dots I painted on these letters.

082109 015

Its mommy’s personal touch for Allie’s room. This is one great room. I almost wish I could sleep in it!

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29 weeks… baby sure is flying high

Here’s my latest belly picture, at 29 weeks and 1 day.

082109 013

For reference, the picture I posted three weeks ago:

080209 001

You can see my belly is obviously bigger, but what’s boggling my mind right now is how high she’s riding! I have a growth ultrasound on Wednesday because I have measured humongous at the doctor’s office the past two months. Maybe I’m measuring so big because of how high she is? How much higher can she go? There’s not much more room. My ribs are already squashing whatever organs are between them and Allie.

Throughout this whole pregnancy, I am learning that pregnancy is not much like how I thought it would be. I thought I would start showing sooner than I did. Now I’m wondering how big I can really get?

I’m kind of in a spot where I’m going back and forth between loving my big belly and just waiting for it to go away. I think its cute, but at the same time its getting a little inconvenient. Simple tasks like squeezing in a bathroom stall or getting a dish out of my cabinet are a little more complicated because of my expanding middle.

But I really love it, and I love the baby growing inside it! This has been such a cool experience so far. I just hope the discomfort stays minimal as it has been. Something tells me that won’t be the case, especially as Allie gets closer to my ribs. But it is absolutely worth it, no matter what.

Eleven weeks to go!

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Nesting is in full force!

I’ve got this urge now to do creative things for Allie. I’ve been working on cross stitching her Christmas stocking since I found out about the pregnancy. I had bought the kit for that over a year ago. But now I’m finding all sorts of other things to do.

Last year I bought a kit with a book and supplies to teach myself how to knit. I’ve worked on it a few times in the last year and lost interest. The kit also didn’t have all the supplies. I got another urge yesterday and bought one more needle I needed to learn one more stitch method. I have finally made it through all the lessons in the book and now I really want to make a blanket for Allie. I want to make a hat and booties too. But I still need to do some easier projects first. I need to wait though until I have a little more money to buy the right needles and enough yarn.

In addition to that project, I bought the letters for her name to hang on the wall. They’re painted white and I’m going to paint polka dots and stripes and other simple cute things to decorate them and hang them on her wall. I also got some stars to paint and I’m thinking about how to hang them.

I’ve also been cleaning more than usual in the house, something pretty uncharacteristic for me. I’m really loving the extra clean house. And I’m baking too. I’m certainly finding uses for all the spare time I’ve had since my nursing assistant class ended.

I find it funny that I’d rather spend my money in the craft store instead of the clothing stores these days! I wouldn’t mind learning to crochet or do quilting or something else too. What project will I come up with next?

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Sometimes I still can’t believe it

With less than three months to go, I’m surprised that sometimes it still doesn’t seem real that Doug and I are going to have a baby. Sometimes I don’t even feel pregnant, although those moments are fewer these days.

Very soon, Doug and I are going to bring a new baby into our family. It will be our responsibility to ensure her safety and make sure she gets enough to eat and to teach her and mold her mind and body. We’re not ready for this! Will we ever be ready?

Preparations are going well. Allie’s room is looking exactly how I want it to look. In just two weeks we’ll start child birth class. We’re choosing a pediatrician and saving our money.

Allie is kicking a lot lately. She’s kicking really high and it hurts sometimes. She’s definitely active and not slowing down. I’ve only got 11 and a half weeks to go!

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This is perfect

Its a work in progress, but Doug and I can already tell its exactly what we wanted! We picked the perfect color.

081509 053

081509 049

081509 047

081509 046
Its kind of hard to tell the color in some of the pictures because of the window, but its called Fresh Hyacinth, and its a periwinkle shade. Now that its on a full wall, we can see it looks more purple than blue and we love it. Also with a full wall painted, Doug and I are reassured that we made the right choice. How bad would it be if we got a wall painted and decided it looked terrible?

The ceiling was painted too. You can’t tell from the picture, but it looks clean and sharp. We’re also putting up a ceiling fan in place of the old light fixture.

I say we, but really its my wonderful sister-in-law Julie. I hope I can be as handy as she is some day. She came over and got it started yesterday but unfortunately couldn’t get it finished because my youngest niece, 10-month-old Katy, was fussy. I couldn’t really help either because Katy only wants mommy. I’m sure I’ll understand once I have my own little one!

So Julie is coming back tomorrow morning to finish the painting and put up the fan, and I’ll post pictures of the completed project after that.

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Its a dance party

I’m not sure what has changed in the last 24 hours or so, but Allie is really starting to move and groove in mommy’s belly. I’m feeling lots of kicks and also lots of squirms and other movements. In fact, she’s kicking in one area so much its starting to hurt a little. The muscle is actually sore.

Its not hard for me to see her movements from the outside. If I’m sitting on the couch or something I can see the movements even if I’m looking at something else. But everytime I tell Doug to look, I guess Allie decides she doesn’t want daddy to see because he hasn’t been able to see the movements too much.

At the doctor on Monday they gave me information about doing kick counts, starting around 32 weeks. Its a tool to monitor baby’s well being because a decrease in movement can signify problems. But I doubt I’ll need to keep track, unless something changes. For kick counts, I’m supposed to pay attention to how long it takes to feel eight baby movements. Right now I can feel eight movements within just a few minutes!

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I am happy to report I barely passed my glucose tolerance test! But barely is still passing. I will have to retake the glucose tolerance test in about a month and a half to make sure I still pass. So I don’t have gestational diabetes! This is the test in pregnancy that I was most nervous about, so I’m glad I passed.

My blood was also tested for my thyroid hormone levels and I failed that test. Turns out I have hypothyroidism, where my thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough hormone. Thats easily treatable though, and it may help explain my weight gain in pregnancy.

I started taking a supplement to bring the level up to normal. I don’t think my hormone is terribly low, since my supplement pill isn’t a very big dose. But I’m hopeful treatment will help curb my gain for the rest of pregnancy and help with the weight loss afterward.

Hypothyroidism is an autoimmune disease, where my body produced antibodies against my thyroid hormone. The thyoid hormone affects metabolism, which is why it can cause weight gain. At least, thats how I understand it. Hypothyroidism can start in pregnancy, as I susupect mine did, but I’ll have it forever. I am not surprised to have it since both my mom and my sister have it. I also read that people with other autoimmune conditions are more susceptible, and I do have asthma.

The funny thing is I suppose I did or do have the symptoms of hypothyroidism, but they’re symptoms I’ve attributed to being pregnant, such as fatigue and sluggishness! I guess once the supplement kicks in I might get a boost in energy. That would be nice.

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Getting back in the water

Its been over a month since my last swim and I’m really missing it. But now the pool at Gold’s Gym is open and I’m ready to get in! I looked in at the pool when I was there the other day and it looks really nice. Its only four lanes though. I’m hoping it won’t be terribly busy during the day. It was empty when I looked in on Monday. Four lanes means I’ll have to share, which I don’t really like. I’m not the most confident swimmer and sharing a lane with someone just makes me feel self-conscious.

Hopefully my swim suit still fits! Maybe I should have tried it on before I got all excited for this.