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This dresser better last a long time

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Doug and I put together Allie’s dresser on Sunday. Its so pretty!

080209 005

Unfortunately the dresser was a nightmare to put together! The directions said it would take an hour and a half. Well, that wasn’t to be. Doug and I worked for two hours and took a break for lunch. After lunch we worked maybe another three or four hours? It took a LONG time. And the craftsmanship of some of the pieces left something to be desired. One of the drawer panels didn’t have the pre-drilled holes, though we did manage to piece it together and make it fit.

You can’t tell from the picture, but the finish did get pretty dinged up in the process. I’m trying not to be upset about it. It gives the furniture character. What I really want to say to my daughter is, “I hope you like it and you use it FOREVER!”

We also put the mattress in the crib and put the bedding in to see what it would look like. I love it.

080209 003

Even though the dresser was so hard to put together, it was worth it. I think the crib and dresser look so good together! Its really nice and its exactly what I wanted.

080209 007

Next on our list is getting the paint as well as cleaning up the clutter thats in the room.


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