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Its a work in progress, but Doug and I can already tell its exactly what we wanted! We picked the perfect color.

081509 053

081509 049

081509 047

081509 046
Its kind of hard to tell the color in some of the pictures because of the window, but its called Fresh Hyacinth, and its a periwinkle shade. Now that its on a full wall, we can see it looks more purple than blue and we love it. Also with a full wall painted, Doug and I are reassured that we made the right choice. How bad would it be if we got a wall painted and decided it looked terrible?

The ceiling was painted too. You can’t tell from the picture, but it looks clean and sharp. We’re also putting up a ceiling fan in place of the old light fixture.

I say we, but really its my wonderful sister-in-law Julie. I hope I can be as handy as she is some day. She came over and got it started yesterday but unfortunately couldn’t get it finished because my youngest niece, 10-month-old Katy, was fussy. I couldn’t really help either because Katy only wants mommy. I’m sure I’ll understand once I have my own little one!

So Julie is coming back tomorrow morning to finish the painting and put up the fan, and I’ll post pictures of the completed project after that.


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