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I’ve got this urge now to do creative things for Allie. I’ve been working on cross stitching her Christmas stocking since I found out about the pregnancy. I had bought the kit for that over a year ago. But now I’m finding all sorts of other things to do.

Last year I bought a kit with a book and supplies to teach myself how to knit. I’ve worked on it a few times in the last year and lost interest. The kit also didn’t have all the supplies. I got another urge yesterday and bought one more needle I needed to learn one more stitch method. I have finally made it through all the lessons in the book and now I really want to make a blanket for Allie. I want to make a hat and booties too. But I still need to do some easier projects first. I need to wait though until I have a little more money to buy the right needles and enough yarn.

In addition to that project, I bought the letters for her name to hang on the wall. They’re painted white and I’m going to paint polka dots and stripes and other simple cute things to decorate them and hang them on her wall. I also got some stars to paint and I’m thinking about how to hang them.

I’ve also been cleaning more than usual in the house, something pretty uncharacteristic for me. I’m really loving the extra clean house. And I’m baking too. I’m certainly finding uses for all the spare time I’ve had since my nursing assistant class ended.

I find it funny that I’d rather spend my money in the craft store instead of the clothing stores these days! I wouldn’t mind learning to crochet or do quilting or something else too. What project will I come up with next?


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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