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29 weeks… baby sure is flying high

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Here’s my latest belly picture, at 29 weeks and 1 day.

082109 013

For reference, the picture I posted three weeks ago:

080209 001

You can see my belly is obviously bigger, but what’s boggling my mind right now is how high she’s riding! I have a growth ultrasound on Wednesday because I have measured humongous at the doctor’s office the past two months. Maybe I’m measuring so big because of how high she is? How much higher can she go? There’s not much more room. My ribs are already squashing whatever organs are between them and Allie.

Throughout this whole pregnancy, I am learning that pregnancy is not much like how I thought it would be. I thought I would start showing sooner than I did. Now I’m wondering how big I can really get?

I’m kind of in a spot where I’m going back and forth between loving my big belly and just waiting for it to go away. I think its cute, but at the same time its getting a little inconvenient. Simple tasks like squeezing in a bathroom stall or getting a dish out of my cabinet are a little more complicated because of my expanding middle.

But I really love it, and I love the baby growing inside it! This has been such a cool experience so far. I just hope the discomfort stays minimal as it has been. Something tells me that won’t be the case, especially as Allie gets closer to my ribs. But it is absolutely worth it, no matter what.

Eleven weeks to go!


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