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She’s growing like a weed

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Allie’s latest pictures, from yesterday’s growth ultrasound.

30-week ultrasound 007

30-week ultrasound 010

Allie is getting big. I certainly feel that. According to the ultrasound, she weighs 3 pounds, 14 ounces, putting her in the 73rd percentile.

Unfortunately I don’t really know how to interpret that information and I don’t see my doctor for another week and a half. I do know that by this time, 30 weeks, she is “supposed” to be around 3 pounds, so she is bigger than average. At least she is according to the ultrasound. The growth scans are estimates and I’ve read they can be off by as much as a pound. So she could be exactly where she’s supposed to be or she could be even bigger!

No matter how big she is, it was so fun to see her yesterday. She looks more human now, at least as human as the 4D ultrasound picture will allow. She was super active and it was tough get a good picture. I’m feeling really close to her these days and I just want her to get here!


Author: Jessica

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One thought on “She’s growing like a weed

  1. Wow! It's cool how clearly you can see her face. Do you think she resembles you or Doug so far or can you not really tell yet?

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