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I wasn’t too upset when I had to stop running, but now I’m starting to miss it. When my friends write in blogs or on our forum about their runs, I can’t help being a little jealous.

So I was especially sad as I watched the start of the inaugural Madison Mini-Marathon half marathon this morning. I volunteered with Team in Training to hand out medals. It was interesting to see the different reactions. There were runners who looked like they were about to collapse or cry, the ones who were pumped up by a great run and a few who were surprised they got a medal! It was fun to hand out the hardware, but I’d rather be wearing that medal!

I’ve enjoyed volunteering at a few races this year, the races I really like that I would have run. And this morning was the first one that had me really wishing I could be out on the course.

But I have my plans and goals and thats what I’m concentrating on right now. After Allie is here I will certainly be a busy bee! I will get my CNA job and I’ll lose the weight and I’ll get to running again. My tentative plans are to start running a bit as soon as I can after Allie is born and then to be training again sometime in January. I want to do a spring half marathon and a fall full marathon, with maybe another half thrown in there before the full. There are plenty of races to choose from so the only variable will be me and my recovery!

As my pregnancy is advancing, I think I may have to tone down my activity a bit. I had a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions yesterday and this morning. Those are the practice contractions. They don’t hurt and I’m not sure they have any real purpose. They’re common after 20 weeks, but they aren’t supposed to be as frequent as they have been for me. I’ve talked to the doctor and since they aren’t regular and not quite as frequent, I didn’t need to go to the hospital or anything. But they started after a really tough spin class yesterday and I’d rather not deal with that uncertainty again.

Even though I feel like I’m constantly water logged, I need to drink more to deal with the braxton hicks! I need to take it easier and drink more water.

I really want Allie to be here soon, but its obviously better for her to stay in there another 10 weeks or so, so I need to be careful!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

One thought on “I miss running

  1. You will be running again in no time! I'm sure that the next 10 or so weeks will fly by and all of a sudden you'll wonder where the time went and before you know it you'll be training again!

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