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Its a dance party

I’m not sure what has changed in the last 24 hours or so, but Allie is really starting to move and groove in mommy’s belly. I’m feeling lots of kicks and also lots of squirms and other movements. In fact, she’s kicking in one area so much its starting to hurt a little. The muscle is actually sore.

Its not hard for me to see her movements from the outside. If I’m sitting on the couch or something I can see the movements even if I’m looking at something else. But everytime I tell Doug to look, I guess Allie decides she doesn’t want daddy to see because he hasn’t been able to see the movements too much.

At the doctor on Monday they gave me information about doing kick counts, starting around 32 weeks. Its a tool to monitor baby’s well being because a decrease in movement can signify problems. But I doubt I’ll need to keep track, unless something changes. For kick counts, I’m supposed to pay attention to how long it takes to feel eight baby movements. Right now I can feel eight movements within just a few minutes!


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I am happy to report I barely passed my glucose tolerance test! But barely is still passing. I will have to retake the glucose tolerance test in about a month and a half to make sure I still pass. So I don’t have gestational diabetes! This is the test in pregnancy that I was most nervous about, so I’m glad I passed.

My blood was also tested for my thyroid hormone levels and I failed that test. Turns out I have hypothyroidism, where my thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough hormone. Thats easily treatable though, and it may help explain my weight gain in pregnancy.

I started taking a supplement to bring the level up to normal. I don’t think my hormone is terribly low, since my supplement pill isn’t a very big dose. But I’m hopeful treatment will help curb my gain for the rest of pregnancy and help with the weight loss afterward.

Hypothyroidism is an autoimmune disease, where my body produced antibodies against my thyroid hormone. The thyoid hormone affects metabolism, which is why it can cause weight gain. At least, thats how I understand it. Hypothyroidism can start in pregnancy, as I susupect mine did, but I’ll have it forever. I am not surprised to have it since both my mom and my sister have it. I also read that people with other autoimmune conditions are more susceptible, and I do have asthma.

The funny thing is I suppose I did or do have the symptoms of hypothyroidism, but they’re symptoms I’ve attributed to being pregnant, such as fatigue and sluggishness! I guess once the supplement kicks in I might get a boost in energy. That would be nice.

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Getting back in the water

Its been over a month since my last swim and I’m really missing it. But now the pool at Gold’s Gym is open and I’m ready to get in! I looked in at the pool when I was there the other day and it looks really nice. Its only four lanes though. I’m hoping it won’t be terribly busy during the day. It was empty when I looked in on Monday. Four lanes means I’ll have to share, which I don’t really like. I’m not the most confident swimmer and sharing a lane with someone just makes me feel self-conscious.

Hopefully my swim suit still fits! Maybe I should have tried it on before I got all excited for this.

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Down time day one

Since I’m done with my nursing assistant class, now I have a whole lot of down time on my hands. I’m enjoying the relaxation time for right now, but I give myself until Wednesday or possibly sooner to get tired of it. And when that happens I will start on my list of projects that were waiting for me to have time to complete them.

I’m also able to eat better and work out more regularly. While I was in clinical I couldn’t work out because I was so tired after working all day. I also didn’t eat the greatest during that time either.

Day one of my down time went well with an elliptical workout and a day of eating that followed my diet plan a lot better than I have so far. I don’t remember if I mentioned this here, but I saw a dietician a couple weeks ago because of my concerns about my pregnancy weight gain and she gave me a meal plan based on exchanges, like the kind diabetics use. I guess I’d be put on this plan anyway if I end up with gestational diabetes.

I didn’t like not working out. Last week I was lazy and before that I was busy, but now I’m looking forward to working out five and six days a week again. I have taken up pilates and I’m continuing spin classes. The elliptical is more comfortable than the treadmill and the pool at Gold’s Gym is finally open so I can get back to swimming.

I’m sure working on the house projects and preparing for baby will make the time go quickly. I’m looking forward to getting Allie’s room ready (with plenty of help), childbirth classes as well as seeing friends I haven’t been able to see while in school. The not so fun tasks include cleaning Allie’s closet and our bathrooms.

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Look what I get to do

071209 005
Monday is my next prenatal doctor’s appointment. And its also glucose test time! I need to have my blood tested after drinking this lovely orange substance and see how my body handles the sugar, to see if I have gestational diabetes or not.

One hour and 15 minutes before my appointment, I need to drink this sugar water drink. I have to drink it within 5 minutes. Then I need to go in 15 minutes early and have my blood taken before my appointment. This is the one-hour test. And apparently if I fail this one, I get to take a three-hour test. Aren’t you jealous?

This is one test that I’ve been a little nervous about. I have learned that women who get gestational diabetes are likely to develop diabetes later in life.

I don’t know if there was any way I could prevent gestational diabetes. I saw a dietician a few weeks ago and she says these days there seems to be no rhyme or reason to who gets it and who doesn’t. Its like throwing a dart onto a dart board. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see where I hit.

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Next step: State certification

I had to buy a new shirt for my uniform after starting clinical. The old one just didn’t have quite enough room.

073009 015
My journey to my new career is progressing! Phase one is becoming a certified nursing assistant, and after taking my final exam today, all that is left is the state test! This is an accomplishment for me. It kind of makes losing my previous career worth it, but the real test will be if I pass the test and then I get a job in January and I like it… so the real worth remains to be seen.
So I’ve got the training and hopefully I can get the certification.
I celebrated my final exam by taking myself out to breakfast and I wish I had done things like this more often in the last few months. Of course, I didn’t have the money for it. It was nice to just have my bagel and coffee at Panera and read the paper. I feel like it was good “me” time. I will continue this “me” time until Allie comes and hopefully in some fashion after.
I have the application for the state exam filled out and I’m just waiting until mid-week when we’ll have the funds available to pay the fee. Too bad this test isn’t free! Once I mail in the application, I’ll get a reponse in five days with my time, date and place assignment. It will be within two to six weeks. I hope I don’t forget everything before I get to the test.
Thursday we had a lab session where we reviewed all our skills that we may be tested on in the skills part of the state test. The first part is 60-question multiple choice, but the second part is demonstration of 5 out of 23 possible skills. We have to complete all of them in order to pass. I’m actually pretty nervous about this part. We practiced all of the skills in lab and clinical. But the handbook we need to follow for the test just has so many steps to follow. It will be really easy to leave something out. I can take the test again if I don’t pass, but it will cost more and I just want to get it right the first time!
Now that I’m done with school, I don’t have too much going on. Now I get to work on the house projects that have been hanging out for the last couple months. I got a lot done early in the summer but there are a few things still to do. And of course we need to continue working on Allie’s room. Next week I’ll take a few days to be lazy and then I’ll get to work.

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This is pretty cool

I went out to lunch with a good friend today and we had Chinese. My fortune cookie had the coolest fortune. It said, “Remember three months from this date. Good things are in store for you.” Of course, today is exactly three months from my due date. How neat is that? Usually they don’t mean anything. This fortune is going in a frame in Allie’s room or her baby book or something.

Third trimester is starting today! I wonder if it will go fast or slow?