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Allie’s room is (almost) complete


Allie’s room turned out so well. Its way better than how I imagined it.

We got the mobile and second valance today, so her room is almost complete. Money has been tight, so we’ve had to delay some purchases. A gift from Doug’s parents helped us get the valance and mobile.

Now the only things we still need are a table, lamp and glider and probably a few odds and ends I don’t know about yet. And of course, the baby. Oh yeah, and I still need to finish the wall hanging of her name.

The room looks so different than when we started. My sister-in-law, Julie, painted the ceiling, walls and artwork, put up the ceiling fan, put up the curtain rod and made the curtains. Doug and I tested our patience in putting the furniture together. I love this room.

I love the curtains, they look like they came with the bedding set. The green is a great complement to the blue. And the white has a star print. We had to order a second valance because the window was too wide for the single one that came with the bedding.

I don’t think I posted a picture yet of the other half of the artwork. Unfortunately I can’t get a picture of the entire wall.

When I put the mobile together this afternoon, I wound up the music box and I cried. I want Allie to be here right now!

I am seeking opinions on the couch. It has to stay in the room because we don’t have anywhere else to put it. There’s no other red in the room. Up close, the couch does have little specks of blue in it. Doug and I are trying to decide if we need to buy a slip cover to make it match the rest of the room. Or is it OK to leave it? And what color slip cover should we get? Please everyone leave a comment with your opinion!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

3 thoughts on “Allie’s room is (almost) complete

  1. The room is super cute!!! I would try to cover the couch, if not with a slip cover, maybe with a sheet??? That way if you got baby goo on it you could just throw it in the washer. I think you might even like having it in there so you could lay down on it during the middle of the night if Allie wakes up. As far as color… maybe dark brown if that's the color of the crib? Dark hides more stains.

  2. OH! I mean to ask on my last comment… I'm going baby shower shopping this weekend. Is there anything from your list that you really want/need and don't think anyone is planning to get you yet? I mean I don't want to get you a blanket if you are going to get 29348903 blankets but really need some clothes (or whatever).

  3. The room looks great Jessica! I seriously cannot wait to start seeing pictures of little Allie in a month or so!! ~ Sarah

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