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Welcome Allie!!

She’s here!! Allison Renee Durso was born at 8:22 Friday evening. She’s 8 pounds, 13 ounces with a full head of hair. We are in awe and can’t stop smiling. It was a long and hard labor, but we’re all doing well. I’ll try to post more pictures and words after we go home tomorrow.

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Letter to my baby

My dearest Allison,

Ever since we found out about you, I have been dreaming to meet you. I can’t wait to hug you and teach you, to find out what you will make yourself. I knew from the beginning you’d be my little girl.

This has been a tough year for your daddy and me. But you make all of the bad things go away. I can’t put into words the love I feel for you. I can’t wait to meet you.


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Down to the single digits!

The countdown to due date has reached the single digits! Only nine days until Nov. 5, the day Allie is due to arrive. Due dates really mean nothing, I realize, but I need something to count down to. But I am hoping she will come sooner than that. I’m so ready to be done with pregnancy. I just want to meet my little girl!

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Special things for Allie

I’m overdue to post pictures of Allie’s finished room, as well as some other special things we have gotten for her!

First, her baby book! Its not a very good picture because its not very easy to take a picture of a book. Anyway, we can put in her picture and under the picture it says “Once upon a time,” and the book has a fairy tale theme. Its so adorable. I love it! I’m already starting to write Allie’s story in it.

Here’s Allie’s car seat. Doug and I installed it and got the seat belt tightened as far as I could make it go. The next day I went to a car seat safety check and found that it still wasn’t tight enough! But the people checking it made it nice and tight and its all set to bring Allie home from the hospital. One of the more important items we have for the baby, we got the car seat with a generous gift from Doug’s parents.

The matching stroller. We’re keeping it in the living room for awhile to try and get Monk to be comfortable with it. She is such a scared dog, so we’re trying to get her to live with Allie’s things. There will be lots of scary stuff coming for Monk to get used to!
Last, but not least, Allie’s completed room.

Its too bad I can’t get all of the wall’s artwork in one picture. Its so pretty.

Here’s the other side of the wall art work, as well as the stocked changing table.

The last items we needed for the room are in that corner: A lamp, a book shelf that will double as a table, a clock and a phone. The clock and phone are for mommy and daddy’s convenience, as I’m sure we’ll spend plenty of time in there! I decided to cover the couch in a sheet and yes, it does look kind of sloppy, but it matches the room better than the red.

And last, but not least, Allie’s name! It turned out a little crooked, but you can’t tell unless you’re really looking for it. Regardless, I really like how it turned out. I’m so excited!

See Allie, we’ve got so much cute stuff for you, its time for you to come out and enjoy it!!

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38 weeks… All we have left to do is wait!

38 weeks, 4 days:
Only 10 days to go! All we can do now is wait. We’re done with the whole to-do list. I have a few more things I’d like to do, but I doubt I get the motivation.

Allie dropped some more over the weekend. She’s pressing full on my bladder and my pelvis, my right hip joint in particular. She feels so heavy sometimes. I am limited to workouts on the elliptical, but I did get four good workouts in last week. Along with the house cleaning I did last weekend, I say I got five good workouts in. Not bad for 38 and a half weeks pregnant.

But I am ready to be done. I want to meet my daughter! If I am make it to my doctor’s appointment next Monday, we’ll start talking about options if I were to go overdue. I sure hope it doesn’t come to that.

Doug and I have talked a lot about when this will really seem real. It really still doesn’t seem real sometimes. How strange is it going to be when I am holding and hugging my baby and I can’t give her back to someone else? Because she’ll be mine! Its still crazy to think about. I can’t wait to stop thinking about it and just meet her!

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A better way to reach me

Lately it seems I’ve been missing a lot of phone calls coming in on my cell phone when I am in my house, but not near my cell phone. I’m sure this will happen a lot more when Allie comes. So as a better way to reach me or Doug, I will suggest calling our land line phone. If you don’t have the number you can contact me and I’ll give it to you. We just got a new expandable phone today so there’s a phone in both bedrooms upstairs (ringer off in Allie’s room of course) and I will always hear it ringing! However, I can’t guarantee I’ll always be able to answer, but thats what the answering machine is for.

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Things I miss

In no particular order…

1) Running!
2) The ability to bend
3) The ability to move in bed
4) Sleeping on my back
5) The ability to put on my shoes and socks without difficulty
6) Exercising like I used to
7) Non-maternity pants
8) Pajamas and t-shirts that fit
9) Wearing my wedding ring on my finger instead of on a necklace
10) Having normal feeling in my wrists/hands (as opposed to tingling in my fingers and other pleasures of pregnancy carpal tunnel syndrome)
11) Sleeping without 71 pillows around me (OK, really its 5 counting the ones under my head, but do you know how hard it is to get settled in bed with that many pillows?)
12) Just being able to walk without getting stiff and sore later
13) Having more than two pairs of shoes that fit
14) Having enough clothes that I could put off doing laundry for a week or more
15) Spinning
16) Working
17) Sleeping more than two hours without getting up to use the bathroom (at this point, sleeping two hours in between feedings is looking much more appealing)

This is not an all-inclusive list.

Its amazing the activities you take for granted, the ability to bend, for instance. But I’ll slowly be getting back most, if not all of this list, within a few weeks. For now I guess I just get to keep waiting and waiting and waiting… I see the end of the tunnel, but its still a little far away.

On the fun side, however, Allie’s room is just about officially all the way done. I got a small bookshelf to double as a table and a lamp yesterday, and those were the two remaining things I wanted to get for the room. I just need to vacuum in there again (I hate how everything is packed in styrofoam!) and put stuff in the shelves, and then the room is really officially ready. I’ll post pictures soon. I have a lot of pictures I want to post now… I really need to get cracking!