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Working the day shift is tough

Its harder than I thought it would be to work the day shift. Its been two weeks now and I have no idea where the weekends have gone. I don’t have time to get anything done during the week. The house is a mess and I don’t have the time or motivation to clean it up!

I went from working nights for six years to not working at all to working the day shift with a baby in tow. This would be a hard enough transition without Allie. Not that I’m complaining though. I love every moment I get to spend with her. But I feel bad because the time I have to spend with Allie on the weekends is also the time when I need to get everything done that I don’t have time for during the week. Thats just about everything because weeknights are spent getting us all fed and to bed to do it all again the next day.

Allie is now three months old. I had planned to post about her three-month mark as well as some new pictures but there just isn’t time. How do working parents ever get used to this?


My job

So after one week on the job, I now have a better picture of what I am doing! I get the pleasure of working with the processing of work search forms that people have to send in when they’re getting extended benefits. In the mornings we get to sort forms that are mailed in and get them sorted to be scanned. Then I get to go through forms on the computer and determine if they’ve done adequate work searches or if they need to be sent for review. Exciting, huh?

Its not very exciting. In fact, its boring. But the temp job I did for three weeks last year was worse. Its a state job. I get my own desk and even my own phone and number!

There were 16 of us who have started in the past two weeks. We’re all working right now to get through the backlog of the extended benefits forms and some other forms. Then after thats caught up we get other tasks, I’m sure just as exciting.

Its nice to be employed, but I still a little up in the air since this isn’t a permanent job. Its a project position thats slated to end on Nov. 9. It could go longer if the workload stays high. But its not permanent. So at some point I get to start looking for jobs again. I see the work search forms people send in with their two applications for the week and I just feel sad that I’ll be back in that pool in a few months. But its nine months! I’m really trying to shake that feeling of the temp job.

And I think I can safely say that unemployment is not where I’d like to be working permanently anyway. There’s just SO much work to be done with so many people out of work. Talk about depressing.


Where did the week go?

Its already Saturday night. I slept a blissful 10 hours last night and hope to do the same tonight. But the beginning of the new week is already really close. Where did last week go? I’m hoping we figure out ways to have time to do more than just feed Allie and ourselves in the evenings. I’d like to work out during the week and update the blog during the week, among other things.

We made it through the first week, but it was only four days! In those four days we brought food home twice and the other two night’s dinners were hot dogs one night and frozen pizza the other.

I’ve never been a morning person. I guess I’ll have to become one to make this whole thing work. I appreciate any tips on how to accomplish this task.

But right now its the weekend. We started the day with pancakes and enjoyed being lazy the rest of the time. Allie has been eating a ton today. I think she’s starting her three-month growth spurt. Its a good thing I didn’t feel like leaving the house today, because with how much she’s been eating, I wouldn’t have been able to!


We survived

Allie and I survived our first day out in the working world. Allie did really well at daycare. And mommy did surprisingly well leaving her!

My first day of work was a whirlwind of paperwork and training, with more to come tomorrow. I’m still not completely sure of what my job duties entail. But it seems like a good group to work with and I’m looking forward to really getting to work.

But right now, I’m exhausted. Allie just went to bed and, assuming she stays there, I will be following suit very soon. I don’t know how I’ll ever get used to this!


I am now employed!

As I start work this morning, I can’t help but reflect on the major events of this past year. I keep talking about it, but its hard not to. It was one year ago today my life was turned upside down when I was laid off from my job as a copy editor at the Wisconsin State Journal.

Lots of people go to work every day at a job they hate. I suppose I’m lucky that I got to work six years in the career that I loved. I knew about the state of the newspaper industry and I knew my days in that industry were numbered. But I thought I had more time.

Earlier in that day, I had emailed my supervisor asking for Super Bowl Sunday off. Little did I know I’d have that day off and a lot more.

The last year was so very tough. I never dreamed I’d be unemployed for a full year. And its so ironic that not only is my job in the unemployment office, but that my first day is the anniversary of that horrible day. Before getting this job, I’d been saying we needed to plan something to do today, to take my mind off the day. Starting a new job is a pretty good diversion.

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I am at home right now… and Allie is not! Talk about weird. She’s never been out of this house without me.

This morning we’re having a trial run of daycare. I’m still trying to figure out our morning routine. I did this once last week but didn’t actually take Allie. So this morning I found out I need to get Allie up by about 6. This morning it was 6:15 before I got to her and we ran out of time. Unfortunately this means the 5 a.m. wake up call for me has to stay.

It wasn’t too hard to leave Allie this morning, but maybe thats because I’m going to pick her up at 11. I’m sad but I didn’t cry. Maybe I will tomorrow.


An awesome event

I am very very happy to report that I filed for my final unemployment check a few minutes ago! Starting this week I’ll get paid for actually working! I used to complain about going to work but I won’t be doing that any time soon, at least I hope not. This work will be way different than what I’m used to. I used to work nights, weekends and holidays and I only had to worry about myself. Now I don’t have to work nights, weekends or holidays, and I have Allie to worry about. I hope she adjusts well to daycare. And I hope I adjust well to not only working days, but getting up at 5 a.m. in order to work those days!

Life is so different from how it was a year ago. I’ve always looked back and wondered how my life would be different if a certain event hadn’t happened. As bad as it was to be unemployed for a year, maybe if that hadn’t happened, we wouldn’t have Allie with us today.

Another big event this weekend was my run yesterday morning. I ran 3.25 miles in 40 minutes. This is a big deal for me. The last time I ran this far was last June. I’ve been really evaluating my goals this week and trying to decide if a full marathon in the fall is too much. I finally decided I’m going to start my half marathon training as planned and decide after the race how I want to plan for the summer and fall in running. I don’t need to plan my entire year right now. Really, its impossible to plan out the whole year and I feel silly for trying.