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My running

Running is really hard right now. I’m adjusting to running at night and I’m still carrying some extra weight from pregnancy. My feet hurt after every time I run and the next morning. My knees are sore. My body is just different.

But I am starting to see glimpses of my old body, even if the scale doesn’t agree. I am in the process of adjusting my diet to eat MORE, believe it or not. The first three weeks I was working I didn’t work out much at all and lost 7 pounds. The next two weeks I added to exercise back in and gained 4, what? Yeah, as illogical as it seems you actually need to eat more to lose weight sometimes. Another variable in the equation is that I’m breast feeding, which burns calories too.

So I’m taking and extra sandwich and snack or two to work each day. I’m actually glad to take more food since I’m always starving by the end of the day. But on Monday and Tuesday I was not.

But back to running. It seemed so easy two years ago, at least compared to how it seems now. But really, I know it was just as hard before, just for different reasons. One of my big hangups right now is that I’ve done it before so while I’m trying not to have expectations, I have expectations.

My overall fitness is pretty good, but only running right now is putting me at a disadvantage. I need to figure out how to add another workout each week for cross training. I’d LOVE to start taking spin classes again. But there’s just not enough time!

I always say I’m not interested in speed, but I’m realizing that I try to run too fast. This week I’m still running the same speed, but using longer walk intervals. Lo and behold, I passed the 3 mile hump on Sunday! Those 4 miles were fantastic. But then my three miles Tuesday night were hard. But I’m determined and I’m sure one of these changes I’m making will eventually make it all work right.


I love you Allie

Dear Allie,

I love looking at you. I love your pretty smile and the happiness in your eyes. You smile and stick your little tongue out and it melts my heart. I love how you smile at me when I come get you out of bed, even if you’re crying.

I love how you snuggle against my shoulder when you’re sleepy.

I love how you squeal and coo. I love how it doesn’t take much to amuse you and sometimes you just want to be left alone. You’re already getting so big and its hard to remember when you were really small!

I hope you know how much you are loved. I miss you every day when I am at work and I count the minutes until Daddy and I can pick you up from daycare. Bringing you into our lives is the most rewarding thing I have ever done.



She’s a-movin’

Allie’s mobile now! Tonight she rolled over, from her tummy to her back. It was funny to see her reaction because I doubt she had any idea what she did or why we were so excited.

She looked like she’d do it again, so I got the camcorder out, but instead she got fussy.

So now Allie will become mobile… and we’ll miss the days when she just turned herself around on her back. But that won’t stop us from encouraging her to practice her new skill.



Its something I haven’t felt in a long time, this feeling of contentment. I’ve been happy, but I think being content is different. Its adding a feeling of security to the happiness.

I first thought of this Saturday night as Doug and I were sitting down to the movie portion of our date night. Grandma and Grandpa Swanson were baby sitting Allie and we were able to go out and relax. I started to realize that even though my job isn’t permanent, that I do have a job and Doug and I are starting to get this parenting thing down. Its not all gloom and doom anymore.

I have to say I like this feeling.


Red crayon revisited

Allie wore this outfit when she was a few days old, and Doug and I thought it made her look like a red crayon. Well, I put it on her Tuesday and found she looked even more like a crayon because the hat doesn’t fit her anymore and looks pointy! Isn’t this cute?

Here’s the picture from the last time she wore it. She’s so small!

I’ve been reorganizing Allie’s dresser, packing away clothes that she’s grown out of and taking out some bigger ones. I also took everything out of her bottom drawer and put it back in, with what had been in back that she had never worn put in front. I’ve found some great gems, and here’s Allie’s latest proclamation:

I had a rough day yesterday. But it was instantly perked up to see Allie!


January in review… a way better start than last year

2010 has started out way better than 2009 did. So I’ve decided that even though more than a week has passed in February, it is still worth it to do a belated January in review.

January was when I got a job and finally returned to consistent running. I DID NOT slip on the ice, have to use crutches or get laid off like last year.

I ran 23 miles in January, and spent 4 hours, 49 minutes and 30 seconds doing it.

January was when I finally started feeling like I have gotten the hang of this mommy thing. Then I became a working mommy and that feeling of “getting the hang of it” disappeared.

Goals for February include getting my act together on coordinating life with working. I’d like to be able to write in the blog, work out consistently, talk to my friends… the things I used to do. I’m slowly adding things back in week by week. I also plan to run a lot of miles and get a good start on training as well as get back to a routine of eating well. That will be a hard task since the last time Doug and I ate well was probably well before Allie’s birth. But it will happen again!

It seems like I should write more about a month in which so much happened, but this will suffice. It will be interesting to compare February’s review with January!