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March is over already?

Part of my daily work is processing forms people send in with their work searches. Its been strange this week, seeing “week of March 29 to April 3.” It doesn’t seem like 2010 is already three months in!

March saw an increase in mileage, but along with that an added concern about keeping myself injury-free. While its disappointing that I have to wait even longer to achieve my goals, I’m confident I will achieve them and stay healthy in the process.

This month’s stats: 32.6 miles run, in 7 hours, 35 minutes, 19 seconds. February was 25.8 miles and 5:41:54. I increased my miles, even with a full week off!

Year-to-date stats: 81.3 miles, 18:06:43.

So my focus shifts away from the half marathon for a month or two. Hopefully in that time I can get a consistent schedule and running base.

As I write this we’re getting ready for our Easter trip to Carbondale. We haven’t been there in almost a year and a half, but I doubt the place has changed much. It will be fun seeing the old stomping grounds, and showing them to Allie even if she won’t remember it later.

Allie has had many firsts this month! Its so hard to believe she’s already 5 months old. Time has gone so fast. I’ve been thinking lately about how tiny she was when she was born, and how hard those first days were. They were totally worth it.

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Change in plans

I came to the decision last week that I won’t run the Madison half marathon on May 30.

The decision surprised me, but I instantly felt better because its the right decision. Its been weighing on my mind for awhile, and I think my shin splints were only a part of the reason.

I really think I would have eventually decided against the half regardless of my injury status. I just don’t have the time to get the training in. With nine weeks go, my longest run is only 6 miles. Granted, for training most plans only recommend a 10-mile long run, so calendar-wise I could have done it. But I can only run three times a week, and a lot of weeks I only get two runs in. My weekly mileage is a fraction of what it once was.

Last week I took the week off to get my shins rested. I ran short and slow last night and my shins are better. The week off did me good. And since I’m not running this half anymore, I’m not freaking out about the training time missed!

I can’t let myself get injured again. I lost six months to injury, though lumping pregnancy into the time off, its more like almost a year and a half. I am hitting my stride again and with my plans I was setting myself up for another injury. The shin splints hit the same way my achilles tendonitis did two years ago… I was over enthusiastic in getting to outside running. Only this time I was also sort of scrambling to get the miles in too.

Instead of Madison on May 30, I’ve shifted my focus to the Crazylegs Classic 8K on April 24. That is a much more attainable race for me right now. I’ll train for the 8K and get a better running base under me. Then I’ll start training again for the other Madison half, which is on Aug. 29. That one was on my calendar anyway, it will just be my first instead of second. Hopefully I can also run the Fox Cities half on Sept. 19.

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Road trip #1

Allie handled her first road trip very very well, considering mommy and daddy didn’t orchestrate it in the best manner!

It was a quick jaunt up I-39 to the Wausau area, only two hours once we got on the road. Allie slept a bit in the car (we were in the carfrom 11:30 to 1:30) and that was all she slept that day! Poor baby, she stayed awake until she couldn’t keep her eyes open anymore around 8:30.

The problem was that it was such a quick trip and we were going going going the whole time. Road trip #2 should be better because we won’t be on a schedule and won’t be traveling back-t0-back days.

Allie did great during the wedding ceremony, though we could tell before then that she was getting really tired. After the ceremony we went back to our hotel room to feed her and then go back for the reception. We stayed at the hotel where the wedding was, which was very convenient. She was patient with all the people who wanted to hold her and really didn’t fuss much, even when the band started playing.

Daddy took her back to the room for a diaper change about an hour before we retired for the night and brought her back in a sleeper. That was a great idea! She fell asleep on her great-grandma’s lap and then it was time for us to go.

Allie slept well in the pack ‘n play overnight and woke up with us at 7. It was Sunday that wasn’t well orchestrated… would have been fine if it hadn’t been for mommy’s band concert! We had to leave early in order to get home before the concert and really should have left earlier and fed Allie on the road. But we got home, fed her quickly, and then back in the car seat to go to the concert. She liked the first half of the concert, but daddy had to walk her around for the second half. Upon getting back into the car yet again, poor baby fell right to sleep.

Then we finally got home and fed and played a little. Mommy went to the grocery store and by the time I got back our little trooper was more than ready to eat and go to bed. I’m not sure how long she slept this morning (she and daddy are on vacation as I work!) but it was much deserved! I’ll post some pictures hopefully soon!

Now this week the object of the game is to recover from last weekend and prepare for next weekend’s road trip.

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Weekend countdown

So here at the Durso house, life is always pretty hectic, but its about to become even more hectic.

It all starts with a fun-filled weekend that includes Allie’s first road trip and mommy’s first band concert since Allie got here.

The goal for the next two days is to get Allie all packed up early to make sure we don’t forget anything. Another goal is to see if mommy has anything suitable to wear, since we’re going to my cousin’s wedding. Daddy found something to wear, and we know Allie has many cute things to wear. In fact, I can’t wait to get Allie all dressed up. But its a bit of a mystery whether mommy has anything.

We’ll be heading north on Saturday morning two Wausau for the evening wedding, where Allie will be introduced to my side of the family. Then we’ll be leaving from there early Sunday to get home in time for my band concert. We went to the band’s concert at Christmas, but now Allie gets to listen to the band when mommy is a part of it.

Next week Daddy gets to take vacation and have lots of Allie-time because our daycare is going on vacation. I’m jealous because I can’t take vacation until I’ve worked for six months. But I actually get a mini-vacation next weekend too because I’m taking off with Daddy and Allie from Thursday through Monday to go down to Carbondale for Easter weekend.

Needless to say, I’m really hoping this cold that currently has a hold on me (my third in two months!) goes away quickly.

Sorry there haven’t been many pictures of Allie lately, but there will certainly be plenty coming after our trips! Maybe I’ll even take some video on the camcorder and then actually post it!

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A milestone of sorts

I wasn’t sure I could do it today, but I did. My long run is now 6 miles! This is my longest run since I was initially injured in October 2008. In fact, I remember the date. It was Oct. 29. And how fitting that this 6-mile run was on the same route as that one, the arboretum loop (affectionately known as the “arb loop” for short). Thats my favorite route too.

I remember random dates, but I had to look back in my training log to confirm that this is my longest run in a year and a half. During the time I ran last year, my longest run was 5 miles. It was the Crazylegs Classic 8K on April 25.

Another milestone of note: With a week and a half left in March, I’ve passed my February mileage by 5 miles already! Its my longer mileage runs as well as keeping a more consistent schedule. I’m interested to see what mileage I end up with next week.

I’m realizing that I can put in the mileage, I just need to make myself do it. But I’m also realizing that part of the reason I can’t always do it is because I’m afraid. My running is actually going very well right now, but I’m afraid of failing or hurting myself. I suppose with the injury history I have, this is a valid fear. But I won’t accomplish anything if I let my fears take over.

So I know I can do this. I only need to increase my long run by a minimum of 4 more miles (to get a total of 10) to run the half. I’d prefer to get a 12-miler, but I think 10 is doable. Anyway, my goal now is lengthening my running intervals. My 6 miles today were slow. It took an hour and a half. I run the same speed I always have, I just need to get myself running longer.