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8 months old, she’s growing so fast

Allie is looking more like her daddy every day. She has some curl in her hair that really comes out in the humidity. I may be biased, but I think she looks so grown up!

It was eight months ago today my darling daughter was born. It seems like just yesterday! Where does time go? It goes so fast, and now that first birthday is just around the corner.

Allie wanted to help put together our new end tables. We got them for her, sort of. Our old end tables would have been easily toppled on top of Allie whenever she started pulling herself up furniture. These are sturdy end tables will stay put and they’re actually storage cubes! Pretty convenient for all the stuff we will have to hide from Allie’s paws. I don’t have a picture of the finished product though, I’ll put that on my list.

On Allie’s eight-month birthday, I’m thinking a lot about last year at this time. 2009 was a tough year and June was the toughest, but also among the best.

A sampling on June 2009, courtesy of this blog:
– June 30, I officially threw in the towel on running.
– I made the switch to maternity clothes and decided to embrace my pregnant belly.
– I had two job interviews, but ultimately no job.
We found out Allie was Allie and not Ethan!

Here’s what Allie looked at last year around this time:


She’s growing up so fast and changing by the day, by the minute sometimes. I feel like if we blink, we’ll miss it. Recently we’ve lowered her crib mattress and graduated from the infant bath tub to the big tub. We’re amazed by her ability to entertain herself by doing silly things like panting like a dog and blowing raspberries. She’s working on mastering the sippy cup and is just starting to get finger foods. We’ve had to work on babyproofing the house and we’re looking into the next car seat. There’s another big pile of clothes in her closet that mommy needs to pack away; then I need to start getting out the next size!


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No standees allowed

That’s what it said in front of the school bus when I was a kid. Allie’s not following that rule! Allie has pulled herself to standing using… mommy and daddy… which would be why I don’t have more pictures of the event. She will use our legs when we’re sitting with her on the floor and push up. Then she lets go and falls down. She’s brave! Its funny, though she tends to push up on my shins, which are still tender. She will also grab our arms or shoulders, whatever is close by, but she hasn’t started using the furniture yet. I’d like a bit of a grace period before she starts standing and walking!

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Comeback #247: So far, so good

OK, its not really #247, but it feels that way. I’ve run three times in the last week on my third comeback attempt to running since Allie was born. I’ve started back at the beginning, running for time, increasing by two minutes each run. This morning I got up to 18 minutes. But again I have to figure out what to eat before running to get needed energy, but prevent the nausea I dealt with when I was trying to run after dinner.

My new theory is that by running intervals I was doing more than my body was ready for. So running without walk breaks is helping me to gain strength and also slowing me down. So far, so good, because my shins haven’t bothered me at all while running. They still get a little sore in between runs, but its not bad at all.

I’m still working on cross training. My goal is to cross train twice a week and run twice a week, though I see myself moving to cross training once and running three times.

Again, I’m feeling confident in my running. Its refreshing to run without the illusion of training for a half marathon. At some point I will pick some goal races in the fall, but for now I’m just running to build up my strength and get into better shape.

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Happy Friday

I succombed this week to the urge to create a shrine to my baby in my office cube. I did this by creating a slide show of my pictures for my screen saver. In doing this, I realized there are many pictures from the last month that I never posted! In no particular order…

Notice Allie’s shoes here. I’m not sure how long she actually wore them, but we’ve missed out on so many chances to put her cute shoes on. I was determined NOT to miss the hot pink converse sneaker!

Allie already has a million toys. But her toy of choice? #1 is the TV remote, with the phone coming in a close second.

Alie was baptized on May 30. You may remember the fridge full of food picture. The event was a success, even if it was awkward to cram 18 people into our townhouse. Pictures from the ceremony didn’t turn out the greatest, but we got good pictures afterward. This is from the water ski show we went to that evening.

Allie will chew on whatever is around!

She’s ready for her close up. I love this picture! She loves the camera much more than she used to.

The cake that almost wasn’t. I had ordered it online from Target the Tuesday before, only the manager had forgotten to give the order to the bakers. When Doug went to pick it up it didn’t exist. But they just happened to be frosting a half sheet marble cake with white frosting, what we had ordered. They whipped up this cake in about 20 minutes and only charged us for a quarter sheet. FYI, Target makes great cakes.

Allie helped opened her present! She liked the paper better than the jumper that was inside, however.

Lazy Sunday afternoon. We want Allie to love reading, but I’m not sure this is what we had in mind.

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We have a tooth!

With relatively little misery, Allie has cut one tiny tooth. Its hard to see because it just cut through, and whenever I touch her mouth gums she sticks her tongue out. But its there, bottom left! I can feel it!

I thought the other bottom tooth was trying to come in, but its apparently taken a break.

I sure hope the rest of teething stays this easy.

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Water baby

Allie went swimming for the first time on Saturday. She loved it! We took a short family trip to Milwaukee last weekend because I had a furlough and Doug took a day off. Our main attraction was the Discovery World Museum, but the close second was the swimming excursion. My favorite part is her little swim suit.

Allie wasn’t scared of the pool at all. I think Doug and I were more scared than Allie was. We kept it short and sweet and she wasn’t ready to get out.

It was a water-themed trip. The museum has a technology section and an aquarium/water section. We went through the aquarium first, where Allie was fascinated with the fish.

Another cool thing the museum has is a replica ship on the second floor. Its a replica of ships that used to sail the great lakes back in the day. There are also exhibits about the great lakes. Allie didn’t really care about those, but she liked the boat.

We were at the museum three hours and it was enough for Allie. She got tired and we headed out to our hotel where Allie had lots of fun crawling around and *not* sleeping even though she’d been pretty cranky just an hour before!

It was a great trip and we look forward to many more special family memories!


Monk and Allie

Allie is fascinated with Monk, and that fascination is mutual. Allie and Monk play together now that Allie is mobile. Its a lot of fun to see them interact. Allie likes to pull at Monk’s collar and also her feet. Monk hates when Doug our I mess with her feet, but Monk so far lets Allie do it. Monk is very patient with Allie. I think its because right now its easy for Monk to get away. When Monk has had enough she can either go behind the couch or on it. I’m not sure what happens though when Allie gets bigger and can chase Monk!