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I succombed this week to the urge to create a shrine to my baby in my office cube. I did this by creating a slide show of my pictures for my screen saver. In doing this, I realized there are many pictures from the last month that I never posted! In no particular order…

Notice Allie’s shoes here. I’m not sure how long she actually wore them, but we’ve missed out on so many chances to put her cute shoes on. I was determined NOT to miss the hot pink converse sneaker!

Allie already has a million toys. But her toy of choice? #1 is the TV remote, with the phone coming in a close second.

Alie was baptized on May 30. You may remember the fridge full of food picture. The event was a success, even if it was awkward to cram 18 people into our townhouse. Pictures from the ceremony didn’t turn out the greatest, but we got good pictures afterward. This is from the water ski show we went to that evening.

Allie will chew on whatever is around!

She’s ready for her close up. I love this picture! She loves the camera much more than she used to.

The cake that almost wasn’t. I had ordered it online from Target the Tuesday before, only the manager had forgotten to give the order to the bakers. When Doug went to pick it up it didn’t exist. But they just happened to be frosting a half sheet marble cake with white frosting, what we had ordered. They whipped up this cake in about 20 minutes and only charged us for a quarter sheet. FYI, Target makes great cakes.

Allie helped opened her present! She liked the paper better than the jumper that was inside, however.

Lazy Sunday afternoon. We want Allie to love reading, but I’m not sure this is what we had in mind.


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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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