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Poor baby

Allie is teething. When we picked her up from daycare today her nose was runny and she was drooling a ton. Her gums (gum?) were red and there was a bump where I’m pretty sure the offending tooth is. My poor baby cried all the way home. She perked up a bit with some baby ibuprofin, enough to take a bottle and go to bed, that is. When she was eating she just laid there in my arms, no squirming like she usually does. The last time she just let me hold her was in April when she was sick.

She’s been asleep about four hours now. I have no idea if she’ll sleep though the night. We have things in the freezer for her to chew on. I don’t know what else to do. I hope this isn’t too hard for her because that means it will be way harder for us. She’s always a happy and laid back little girl, so to have her be cranky and feeling bad will be so hard. I hope it doesn’t last too long.


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I have proof of Allie’s crawling

I just haven’t been able to upload it yet.

She’s getting faster. She’s also getting into things she’s not supposed to have, or at least trying. Her favorite object seems to be the TV remote and phones. She’s got so many toys, but has eyes only for that remote.

But Allie also has eyes for Monk. She’s really started to bug Monk and so far Monk has been patient. She lets Allie do what she wants and then goes behind or on the couch out of Allie’s reach when she’s had enough.

With the mobility developments, a new task added to the to-do list is lowering the crib mattress. But Allie spent a lot of time napping today, so we haven’t been able to do it yet.

Its already a challenge to keep up with her! This is just the beginning. I sure hope she gives us a little time before she starts walking.

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Baby, how you’ve grown

November 1, 2009

June 4, 2010

She looks so grown up!

Last weekend I went through my picture frames and got rid of the old pictures of people I haven’t talked to in years. The goal was to finally display some current pictures in the house! It was fun going through pictures from the last seven and a half months.

Its obvious Allie has grown, but its still amazing to look back at pictures from her first few days and then to see her now. She is one amazing creature and learning new things every day.

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Back to square one

I haven’t run in nearly three weeks. My shin splints have been kicking my butt. So I decided to quit fighting it and take a month off. In addition to shin splints, I’m now in a chiropractor’s care for SI joint dysfunction, which I believe is a leftover effect of pregnancy, even though I only know for sure this has been affecting me since January.

So with these two conditions, I’m taking it easy on the exercise in general. I’ve been working on cross training to get my legs stronger. In thinking about how things are different now vs. when I started running two years ago, I realized I cross trained more at that time. I didn’t get really injured until later in 2008 when I was getting faster and then added too much intensity too quickly.

Fast forward to last December and since when I’ve been trying to run again and I haven’t been able to get far before having issues arise, mostly shin splints. I’ve also been having flares of achilles tendonitis. Both of these are overuse injuries and I’m finally being realistic about getting rid of them. Up to now I’ve just been running and not cross training much. My legs aren’t strong. I need my legs to be strong before this will get better. I believe my cross training has already made a difference on my leg strength. In addition, I’ve been doing leg the exercises I got in PT two years ago for my achilles tendonitis.

So a week from Wednesday when my month is up, I will start running again. But I’ll only be running once or twice a week and only short mileage. I’m going to start back at square one and build my mileage the right way, in other words, slowly.

So that means to half marathon this year. I may run a few shorter races later this summer or in the fall. But no training. My new goal will be a half marathon next spring. So I go another year without reaching my running goal, but I will be better off this way. My legs will be strong and I can run longer without hurting myself!

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There’s no stopping her now

Thats right folks. Allie is now crawling forward. Our lives are forever changed.

Over the weekend, Allie also figured out how to sit herself up. So with these two milestones come the possibility that she will get hurt. I am sure this will affect Doug and me more than her! The first time she sat up on Sunday, she immediately toppled over and hit her head on the coffee table. So we’ve said goodbye to the coffee table.

I can’t believe my baby is crawling! Doug and I are hoping she gives us a little grace period before she starts walking. We’re working on the babyproofing for real this time, and realizing that soon the living room will be empty. The coffee table is in the basement and we have another glass top table that needs to be moved as well. We’ve ordered some replacement coffee tables that Allie won’t be able to pull down when she starts grabbing things to stand up. We need to remove a plant and the stereo, soften the places she could fall and lock drawers she could open.

I’m hoping to have some video to post soon. We will have plenty of opportunities! Unfortunately they may not happen until next weekend because Allie goes to bed so early. It makes us sad because we don’t have much time to play when she goes to bed at 7!