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Nine months old and so grown up

Today, Allie is 9 months old. So what does this 9-month-old do for fun?

We for starters, she looks all grown up. She stands up using anything she can grab onto. These more solid end tables were a wise investment as the old ones would have tumbled over when she grabbed them. She’s getting more and more brave, and we’ve caught her standing without holding on a few times, but its only for a few seconds at a time, so no pictures yet.

She cruises the house like she owns the place. We’ve had to remove her fingers from Monk’s food and water bowls more than once. Eventually we will get some gates.

She lounges in her pajamas.

She hangs out with mommy and daddy.

She plays peek a boo. When we put our hand over her eyes, she just grins so big and then moves our hands to show herself! It didn’t work well to take a picture though, because she’s too much of a poser. She also likes it when we cover our own eyes and then reappear for her.

Allie is fascinated with her ceiling fan! Until last week the fan was broken, so she is just now discovering it.

She eats with a passion. Look at that open mouth! Her favorite foods are squash and pears. Too bad we can’t get her to take her formula with that same passion.

She makes funny faces.

And she likes to jump in her jumper, or as we like to call it, the containment unit. We can’t keep her in there too long though, as she’d rather be out cruising.

This morning Doug had to get to work early, so he dropped me off at work before dropping Allie off at daycare. I waved goodbye to her and she waved back!

Allie, I can’t believe you’re already 9 months old! I keep asking you to stop growing, but you don’t listen to me. You are discovering new things every day and you’re so much fun. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

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Stinker baby and other musings

This is what it means to be a mom: All my shirts either have stains on them, or holes in them. And the ones that don’t? Our darling stinker baby spits up on those, hence all the stains!

Allie has become a bit of a stinker lately, usually having to do with sleeping when we don’t want her to, or not sleeping when we want her to sleep. We affectionately call her stinker baby when she wakes up in the middle of the night too. She’s also become a bit of a whiner and spits up at the worst times.

But that’s OK. She still constantly entertains us. She is ALWAYS smiling. I love waking her up in the morning because even though she’s been in a deep sleep, she still smiles big the moment she wakes up.

Doug and I get to go on a date tomorrow night! Our last date was in April. This is only our fourth date since Allie’s birth.

I am finally starting to lose weight. Its only a few pounds, but clothes are fitting slightly differently.

I’ve run 33.2 miles this month, which is .6 miles more than my prior highest mileage, which was in March. What’s interesting though is that my total time is 4 minutes less than March. I thought I was slower, but I must be getting faster.

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Out and about

We’ve had a lot of fun lately going out.

The weekend before last, we went to see our friends Jessica and Jeff. Jessica had some funny hats…

Including this Redskins Santa hat.

We went swimming too. We borrowed this whale floatie from our daycare. Allie loved just lounging in the water.

We all had fun in the pool.

Then it was time to dry off!

Last weekend we meandered downtown and to the UW Memorial Union Terrace. Its a fun place with great ice cream. Allie didn’t get to have any ice cream, but she did enjoy watching the ducks.
She also made some funny faces.

If you look really closely here, you’ll see a little tooth on the bottom. She actually has two, but I was only able to capture this one. Its hard to see her teeth becuase if you put anything by her mouth, she sticks out her tongue!

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On to square 2

My return to running has gone really well so far. I continue to surpass my expectations. The rule of thumb for increasing mileage and avoid injury is 10 percent, meaning if I run 10 miles one week, I could run 11 the next. A gradual increase helps the body get used to the extra work without getting hurt. I’ve been cautious thus far and I’ve increased by less than that 10 percent.

But today I surprised myself and ran 4 miles! Thats the longest I’ve run, without walk breaks, since November of 2008. My goal was to reach 4 miles by the end of this month. I have to find a new goal now.

I’ve enjoyed running without the urgency of training for a race. Maybe urgency isn’t the right word, but I mean the pressure to get in the planned miles. Not pressure from someone else, but pressure from myself.

However, now I’m at a point where I need to have the structure of a training plan or else I risk doing too much too soon, increasing by more than 10 percent.

So I’m going to start a training plan for a 10K. My goal right now is to run the Berbee Derby on Thanksgiving Day. Its a popular local race that I’ve wanted to run every year since moving to Madison. I actually entered in 2008 before I got hurt. So I’m going to structure my weekly mileage to run that 10K! Wish me luck!


July 17

July 17 is a special day for our family.

First, its my dad’s birthday, July 17, 1946. Dennis Danielewicz would have turned 64 last Saturday.

Even though its been 17 years since he died, I still think about him a lot. I wish he was here to meet his youngest granddaughter.

Second, July 17, 2006, is the day Doug asked me to marry him. He picked that day because its Dad’s birthday and he knew it was a special day for me.

Last, but not least, July 17, 2005, is the day our darling Monk was born! She turned 5 on Saturday. Its just a coincidence that we got a dog with the same birthday as my dad, or is it something more?

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Our little angel

Allie was baptized on May 30. But it was really hot that day, and I was focused on the gathering to take place after the baptism. So when we got home from church, we immediately changed Allie’s clothes and I later realized I never took any nice pictures of her in the baptism dress! So we had a photo shoot last Sunday.

This is the dress I was baptized in, as well as my brothers and sisters and some of my cousins and even a couple second cousins. Its older than me and as one person remarked on baptism day, “You can’t buy a gown like this anymore.” The blanket/shawl in the picture is also a family heirloom.

Photo shoots are a lot tougher now that Allie is mobile. I remember doing a photo shoot of Allie in her Christmas dress and it was a lot easier to take pictures because she just laid on her back! I’m actually surprised I got these good pictures because she wouldn’t stay still very long. She’d roll over and crawl away. And when she did stay still, my camera delayed in taking the picture!

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She did what?

I didn’t actually see this happen, so I don’t know if I believe it. But yesterday when Doug picked Allie up in daycare, he said she was in the kitchen standing up and pushing a stool around! Like, she was walking by pushing this stool. She’s only 8 and a half months old!