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My return to running has gone really well so far. I continue to surpass my expectations. The rule of thumb for increasing mileage and avoid injury is 10 percent, meaning if I run 10 miles one week, I could run 11 the next. A gradual increase helps the body get used to the extra work without getting hurt. I’ve been cautious thus far and I’ve increased by less than that 10 percent.

But today I surprised myself and ran 4 miles! Thats the longest I’ve run, without walk breaks, since November of 2008. My goal was to reach 4 miles by the end of this month. I have to find a new goal now.

I’ve enjoyed running without the urgency of training for a race. Maybe urgency isn’t the right word, but I mean the pressure to get in the planned miles. Not pressure from someone else, but pressure from myself.

However, now I’m at a point where I need to have the structure of a training plan or else I risk doing too much too soon, increasing by more than 10 percent.

So I’m going to start a training plan for a 10K. My goal right now is to run the Berbee Derby on Thanksgiving Day. Its a popular local race that I’ve wanted to run every year since moving to Madison. I actually entered in 2008 before I got hurt. So I’m going to structure my weekly mileage to run that 10K! Wish me luck!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

One thought on “On to square 2

  1. YAY!!!! I'm so glad to hear your running is going well. I've done the Berbee Derby twice, and it's a fun race. The 10k is better than the 5k in terms of scenery, but I enjoyed both.

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