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Monday started out well enough. I got up early with Allie to let Doug sleep in a little. We played in the living room and when Doug got up I made blueberry pancakes, and we gave Allie some blueberries. After that I was going to go for a run. I couldn’t think of a better way to start my week off than running around the arboretum mid-morning, just like I used to. I also wanted to have a better run than my 5K race on Saturday.

Well, I was having a great run. It seemed like it was going really quickly. I had started with a slower pace and gotten faster with each mile. I wanted to run 5, but was hoping I’d be up for 5.5. I was coming back intot the arb finishing mile 4 and struggling. I was managing to run through my struggles, when I fell. In that part of the arb I would usually switch between the road and the gravel on the side of the road. I don’t know if I was going back to the gravel or I just tripped. But I tripped off the side of the road and sprained my ankle.

It hurt right away. But I was able to walk on it, which was good because I had to walk a mile and a half back to the car. Even if I’d had my cell phone with me, I also had the car, so Doug couldn’t have rescued me. I guess it was the adrenaline. I knew that once I got off it, I wouldn’t be able to keep walking. I was right.

When I started walking again, I was determined to finish my run. But I wouldn’t be able to and the whole walk back I was just ticked off that I couldn’t finish my run.

I took a spectacular spill. I’m surprised I didn’t skin my face. I have skinned palms, elbows and a knee that hurt more than the ankle sometimes.

So I spent the first few days on the couch with my leg elevated and on ice and ibuprofin. Its better now. We were supposed to leave this morning for southern Illinois, but we decided to wait a day. I’m glad we can still go. It would have been disappointing to cancel.

This morning the clinic called and told me a radiologist had read my xray and there actually was a small fracture, but he or she wasn’t sure if it was from this injury or an old one. Its feeling much better so I’m just functioning as normal. I won’t run again until I see the doctor next Friday.

It seems like every time I really get going, I have some sort of snag. I was on my way to my longest run to date as well as my longest mileage week and month to date. But it could have been worse. And thats what I’ll keep in mind as I drive myself crazy wanting to run. An ankle sprain isn’t nearly as bad as a pelvic stress fracture. I’ll only be off a couple weeks.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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  1. You poor thing! I hope your ankle gets better! 🙂

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