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Successful September

Wow! I’ve finally had the consistent mileage that I’ve been striving for. I ran 51.5 miles in September, for a whopping 11 hours, 29 minutes and 53 seconds. I put together four weeks of consistent mileage, and those runs were longer. I also got up to 13.75 weekly mileage two weeks ago, which I’ll probably stick with for a few weeks before I start trying to increase again.

Now I really feel like I have a consistent base and a more specific plan leading up to CIM.  I’m feeling confident and comfortable in my running. I don’t know that I’ve ever felt this comfortable running. Now if I could speed it up a little… but that will come.

This week I cut back my mileage and next week I’m starting a smartcoach plan that I got through Runner’s World. Now that I have consistent mileage I was able to plug in my info and get a plan that goes along with my current training. I prefer to have a plan so then I don’t have so much guesswork when I’m trying to decide how I want to structure my week. This plan will also vary my distances more than I was doing.

I’m looking forward to getting new shoes this weekend. My current shoes have a bit over 241 miles on them. Shoes are supposedly supposed to last from 300 to 500 miles, but 250 is usually my limit. I think its because I’m heavy and I’m slow, so I spend more time in the shoes and wear them out faster. But this pair has served me well for 10 months.

I’m also looking forward to the Literacy Run 5K on Sunday. I think I can do better in this 5K. I know I can do better. The weather will be much nicer than it was for my last 5K (high of 55 on Sunday, vs. high of 82 and very humid on Aug. 21). Not to mention I’m running better and I will get to this race on time!

CIM is 9 weeks from this weekend. The Berbee Derby is 8 weeks from today. I’m getting excited!

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Sore knees

I went to the doctor on Tuesday for my yearly physical and asked about my knee. It still hurts from when I fell and sprained my ankle and skinned the knee, along with my elbows and palms.

The doctor said it is possible that it is a deep bone bruise, which can take a really long time to heal. Or it could be a mechanics issue that I should continue going to physical therapy for. I don’t remember the technical name for it. Its possible the knee cap isn’t tracking right, which apparently is common in female runners because our hips are wider than our knees. The knee cap is supposed to move up and down, but it moves more diagonal and causes irritation. This may or may not be related to my fall.

Fantastic. I’m starting to think it is this mechanics thing. It doesn’t hurt while running, but it hurts more right after a run. The bruise could just get more irritated from the run. My gut says its more than that. So I need to decide if I want to do physical therapy, yet again, or tough it out. Or I could wait a month and see if this goes away, and then decide. I’m hoping getting some new shoes this weekend will make it all go away.


Three years of wedded bliss

I can’t believe its been three years since the wonderful day when Doug and I said “I do.”
And its been great. In the ups and downs since then, we’ve gotten through it together and come through stronger. I can’t remember my life before meeting Doug. He’s truly my best friend, my cheerleader. And now we’ve started our family. We’re living the dream. Happy anniversary honey!

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Give the body a break

This week I’m taking a break and cutting back my mileage for the week. I’ve finally managed to have a string of consistent mileage weeks, which I am so happy about. But the flip side of that is that I’m exhausted! All three of my runs last week were really tough. On Tuesday I wanted to run 5 but only made it to 4.25. Thursday I made it through 5 but had to take a walk break in the middle. Saturday I had previously planned a 6-mile long run but decided to be flexible and ended up running a pretty decent 4. Total mileage was 13.25, not too shabby, but I had been aiming for 15.

So this week I am cutting back to 9 or 10 miles, and going with a long run. I realized that my body just needs a break. I was having a string of bad runs before I sprained my ankle a month ago. Then I had a week off from running for that, and my runs afterward were great. Well, now its been a month and I’m getting tired, so I’ll take a break before I start having bad runs.

Its funny that my body is sore when I haven’t done anything since Saturday. I think this is a little bit what it feels like to taper for a marathon. And my longest run is only 6.25! Depending on how I feel I might just cut my runs back even more. I’ve learned over the last two years, or really over the last six months or so, that I need to be flexible.

This week is also a race, the Literacy Network run. I finally registered for the 5K last night. I had thought about the 10K, but I’m nowhere near ready for that, and thats OK.

After the cutback week, I’m going to use a 10K training plan for the 8 weeks before the Berbee Derby. The mileage is right on what I’ve been doing and I think it will help my energy because it has short runs included. I’ve been doing mostly medium and long runs lately. I’m also hoping to get back into cross training.

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Changin’ and rearrangin’

Our house is looking a little different now.
We’ve finally moved that big cabinet from the dining room into the living room. The dining room is so big without it! Its still a mess in there, but its going to be reorganized and everything will finally have a place that isn’t the kitchen counter. I hate having stuff sitting on my kitchen counter. But Allie’s food has been there for five months now since I had nowhere else to put it.
But there’s a much more interesting change in our house.
Allie is now contained in the living room, with a real baby gate instead of the mommy and daddy baby gate.
It surprised her at first, but I think she’s gotten used to it. After all, its another thing to play with and chew on!


Baby steps

Those are what we’re seeing from Allie these days! She’s been taking one step, but last night she took three at once. And a few other times she took two! I’m not sure I’m ready for Allie to walk, but I don’t get a choice. At least she waited awhile! I don’t really know when I’ll consider it walking. I don’t think of it as walking just yet, but it will be soon. I’ll post pictures and video soon!

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My comeback is complete

Two years ago this weekend, I ran the U.S. Cellular Half Marathon in Appleton. It was in that race that I decided to shift from run/walk intervals to all running. The race went well even though I abandoned my strategy and I continued my new training method after the race.

But a month and a half later I got hurt. I know exactly how I ended up with my pelvic stress fracture. I did too much too soon and too fast.

I first got hurt Oct. 26, 2008. We were in Detroit and I had run on the treadmill that Sunday at the hotel and felt the pain in my groin later that night. I rested a day, went to spin class Tuesday and didn’t feel anything. So then I ran one more time on Wednesday Oct. 29. It was my last run for a long time. I ran the arb loop, 6 miles. My groin hurt almost immediately, but I didn’t stop running because the pain seemed to come and go. And that run ended up being a great one, actually. I ran nonstop and felt good despite the pain. But by later that night I could barely walk. A month later after an MRI, I got my diagnosis.

It was a long recovery where I ended up on crutches and stopping exercise completely in an effort to make it heal. Then in February I was cleared to run again and found out about my pregnancy!

What happened in between isn’t worth going through again. I’ve had a long journey to get back to running this year. But today that journey is complete. I set out on my long run of 6 miles today, my third of that distance since 2008. I felt amazing. I decided I wanted today to be the day I finally get my longest run in two years. So I pushed it to 6.25. It only took another two minutes or so, but it felt like so much more. It really felt like an accomplishment.

Its fitting that today was that same race I ran two years ago to start this epic journey. I had hoped the half today would be my third of the year. Instead I’m aiming training slowly, cautiously, but also smartly and effectively. This was my longest in two years, but I’ll run longer!