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Tough race with a surprising result


It was an early start Saturday morning for me and Allie. Doug and I got up at 5 to pack the car and get ready to move. Doug was staying home and I was going to Rockford by myself for a full day, so there was a lot of stuff to get in the car. We got Allie up and ready and then it was time to go at 6:15. I stopped at my family’s house at 7:15 and we prepared with our race t-shirts and bib numbers and got going to Camp McCormick.
It was raining at a good clip as we got on the interstate to head south to Stillman Valley. But as pictured above, it cleared up, at least in time to take this picture! It was a little crazy because we got to the camp a bit later than I wanted to, and I didn’t have time to eat my bagel before the start. But at least I made it to the start with all my necessary items!
Those items didn’t include a timing chip though. It was old school where you rip a tag off your bib to record your time! It was a small race, only 600 participants in four different events.
Despite the early rain, the weather for the race was OK. It was a good temperature, about 60 degrees. It was misting/drizzling for most of it though. The course was quite hilly. The hills combined with the humidity/rain made the race difficult. I had to stop and walk before I’d run a mile and a half. That started a trend of walking more than I wanted to, but I did manage to run some of the hills.
Since it was a small race, I quickly ended up toward the end of the pack. But I didn’t finish last!
I got pretty frustrated during the race, wondering why I can do well on my training runs but just not do the races like I’d like. But I forgot that frustration when I could see the clock at the finish line. I was so surprised by my time! The course was long, or maybe I just started my garmin a smidge too early. My garmin finished 8K at 1:05:02 and my clock finish was 1:05:59. Not bad!
Family picture after the race! My brother Jacob finished in the time it took me to run 3 miles. Johanna and Jeni did the 2-mile walk and Jocelyn did the 2-mile run.
Allie was there to cheer on mommy!
Jocelyn won her age group for the 2-mile run!
Allie liked to play with Jocelyn’s medal.
We had a lot of fun with this race. I think we will definitely all do it again. In the next couple years Allie can join in the kids race!

Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

2 thoughts on “Tough race with a surprising result

  1. Great job at the race! Was it a cross-country type race on dirt trails? Those are always harder/slower than regular races. And congrats to Jocelyn on her age group finish!Also, my word verification for this post is: thingi

  2. There was an actual trail one but this was just on country roads but I couldn't believe the hills!

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