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Two years ago this weekend, I ran the U.S. Cellular Half Marathon in Appleton. It was in that race that I decided to shift from run/walk intervals to all running. The race went well even though I abandoned my strategy and I continued my new training method after the race.

But a month and a half later I got hurt. I know exactly how I ended up with my pelvic stress fracture. I did too much too soon and too fast.

I first got hurt Oct. 26, 2008. We were in Detroit and I had run on the treadmill that Sunday at the hotel and felt the pain in my groin later that night. I rested a day, went to spin class Tuesday and didn’t feel anything. So then I ran one more time on Wednesday Oct. 29. It was my last run for a long time. I ran the arb loop, 6 miles. My groin hurt almost immediately, but I didn’t stop running because the pain seemed to come and go. And that run ended up being a great one, actually. I ran nonstop and felt good despite the pain. But by later that night I could barely walk. A month later after an MRI, I got my diagnosis.

It was a long recovery where I ended up on crutches and stopping exercise completely in an effort to make it heal. Then in February I was cleared to run again and found out about my pregnancy!

What happened in between isn’t worth going through again. I’ve had a long journey to get back to running this year. But today that journey is complete. I set out on my long run of 6 miles today, my third of that distance since 2008. I felt amazing. I decided I wanted today to be the day I finally get my longest run in two years. So I pushed it to 6.25. It only took another two minutes or so, but it felt like so much more. It really felt like an accomplishment.

Its fitting that today was that same race I ran two years ago to start this epic journey. I had hoped the half today would be my third of the year. Instead I’m aiming training slowly, cautiously, but also smartly and effectively. This was my longest in two years, but I’ll run longer!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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