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This week I’m taking a break and cutting back my mileage for the week. I’ve finally managed to have a string of consistent mileage weeks, which I am so happy about. But the flip side of that is that I’m exhausted! All three of my runs last week were really tough. On Tuesday I wanted to run 5 but only made it to 4.25. Thursday I made it through 5 but had to take a walk break in the middle. Saturday I had previously planned a 6-mile long run but decided to be flexible and ended up running a pretty decent 4. Total mileage was 13.25, not too shabby, but I had been aiming for 15.

So this week I am cutting back to 9 or 10 miles, and going with a long run. I realized that my body just needs a break. I was having a string of bad runs before I sprained my ankle a month ago. Then I had a week off from running for that, and my runs afterward were great. Well, now its been a month and I’m getting tired, so I’ll take a break before I start having bad runs.

Its funny that my body is sore when I haven’t done anything since Saturday. I think this is a little bit what it feels like to taper for a marathon. And my longest run is only 6.25! Depending on how I feel I might just cut my runs back even more. I’ve learned over the last two years, or really over the last six months or so, that I need to be flexible.

This week is also a race, the Literacy Network run. I finally registered for the 5K last night. I had thought about the 10K, but I’m nowhere near ready for that, and thats OK.

After the cutback week, I’m going to use a 10K training plan for the 8 weeks before the Berbee Derby. The mileage is right on what I’ve been doing and I think it will help my energy because it has short runs included. I’ve been doing mostly medium and long runs lately. I’m also hoping to get back into cross training.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

One thought on “Give the body a break

  1. Good luck at the race this weekend! I run that course (well not the part on State Street) at least a few times a week. It's great because it's flat and you get good views across the lake.

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